45th Annual Snowball Derby Finishing Results

1 4 J Erik Jones 300
2 29 C Jeff Choquette 300
3 51 Kyle Busch 300
4 67 Jeff Fultz 300
5 9 Chase Elliott 300
6 36 Grant Enfinger 300
7 71 Kyle Benjamin 300
8 77 David Ragan 300
9 41 Chris Davidson 300
10 8 John Hunter Nemechek 300
11 25 Ross Kenseth 300
12 45 Dwayne Buggay 300
13 2 D.J. Vanderley 300
14 10 Johanna Long 300
15 2 W Donnie Wilson 300
16 22 Hunter Robbins 299
17 7 Chuck Barnes Jr 299
18 84 Clay Alexander 297
19 21 J Kyle Jones 283
20 29 T Austin Theriault 249
21 99S Casey Smith 228
22 66 Steven Wallace 226
23 11 David Rogers 226
24 96 Ben Kennedy 221
25 0 Brad Rogers 201
26 41 R T.J. Reaid 164
27 26 Bubba Pollard 158
28 5 Nelson Piquet Jr 125
29 98 Daniel Hemric 125
30 11 B Logan Boyett 125
31 1 Mike Garvey 123
32 51 Stephen Nasse 117
33 4 Jeremy Pate 116
34 20 Brian Campbell 112
35 10 K Paul Kelley 45
36 49 Augie Grill 38
37 10 D Steve Dorer 1

Result are OFFICIAL. All cars just cleared tech.

Good job by Jeff Choquette but alot of people were hoping that this was David Rogers’s year to win. Maybe next year. But not sure what I think of Kyle Busch in the Snowball Derby. Maybe NASCAR drivers should let the other guys just run the derby and they stay home. But it was a good race.

Wtg Jeff!!

So proud of you. Look at that list of drivers you beat!!! :huepfen024: Awesome. And I do agree with Jane. NASCAR racers should not race the Snowball… i also agree KB s&^%$s! :wink: Thank you for posting the results Scotty
I still wish Jeff would get a chance to compete in NASCAR… maybe one day!

Most Nascar drivers have class. Neither of the Busch brothers do. He’s next to lose his ride. Racing is one thing. Bulldozing is another.

Don’t know what TJ Reaid thought would happen. But when I saw TJ door slam Kyle at the end of the front straight to slow him down, and then run him to the wall coming off two, I was quite sure that Kyle was going to hit him in turns three and four. I was right.
Why would you do that to someone like KB in the middle of a 300 lap race? doesn,t make much sense to me.
Feel bad for Bubba, and a few others that were innocent bystanders that got caught up in their mess, but not for TJ.

David had worked his way into the top 5 at one point and got caught up in about 3 incidents of others doing…there were about 6 wrecks that were all caused by guys going 3 wide…just stupid driving…
Choquette ran a good race…if he would had KB’s pit crew he probably would have won…I don’t like the fact the pit crews have that much influence in a SLM race but that is part of it I guess…
Ben Kennedy was actually running well until , from what I could gather, he broke a rear end…


I usually agree with you both but I don’t on this one. If we keep the Cup Drivers out then people like David Ragan don’t race. He is straight up the nicest guy and took time for everyone that wanted to say hi or get a photo. He and Joe Nemechek are what is right with this sport. And David was like that the last time he ran there as was Joe at Speedweeks at NSS when he was there with his son.
Unfortunately you can’t ban stupid.

Cup drivers in the field at the Snowball has been happening pretty much all 45 years. There is no reason at all to ban them.

In fact, it puts a real stamp on your driving career to go out and BEAT those guys. It makes Erik Jones win a LOT more significant that he was able to battle door-to-door with one of THE most talented racers in the country, and come out on top.

On another note, facings biggest meathead, Steven Wallace, pulled yet another idiotic move. It was reported that he threw a hammer at Busch’s car.

I’m a big fan of both Jones and Choquette… and both share this in common… They each won the Governors Cup in their first try. And I was lucky enough to have some real good conversations with each on the day of their wins. It was GREAT to see them finish 1-2.

maybe so…

i agree about Ragan. i have never heard anything but good about him… but you cant say one can race and not another. maybe you are right about them being able to race the snowball but i think we have enough great racers in the state wishing for a chance. we dont need to bring NASCAR drivers in. im sure scouts go to the snowball looking for talent… we sure have plenty of that. they just dont seem to get the opportunities… maybe im wrong. :wink: AGAIN… lol

Carol… think about it this way. If Tony Stewart wanted to enter next year, would you still think he shouldn’t be allowed to? A big part of the prestige of this race is that the cream of the crop is always there, and the winner, every year, had to beat THE BEST racers around.

They don’t consider a drivers personality when accepting Official Entries. Otherwise, Steven Wallace would have been banned several years ago.

[QUOTE=carolwicks;116396]NASCAR racers should not race the Snowball…
Carol[/QUOTE]So, what did you think of guys like Bobby Allison, Neil Bonnett, Butch Lindley, Darrell Waltrip, Rusty Wallace, Steven Wallace (that’s a whole 'nother story in itself…LOL), Gary Balough, Lake Speed, David Pearson, Dick Trickle, Red Farmer, Jack Ingram (and still more, I’m sure) - all former or current “NASCAR” Cup/Busch/LMS drivers - when they competed at the Derby?

I see it as bringing in “name” drivers to compete against the best of the Late Model world. With those “names” at the race, the fans come - whether they’re die-hard short track fans and want to see their local hero whoop up on the “NASCAR” guys…or the “casual” Sprint Cup fan that wants to see his hero that he sees on TV every week in person take the checkers ahead of the “local yokels”.

I love to see Kyle get his butt whooped in a Late Model (i.e., Nashville).

Just to make a distinction here, there is a difference in ‘bringing the stars’ out to your track (which is a paid appearance to show up), and this race. The Derby doesn’t (to my knowledge), pay ANYONE to show up. The Cup drivers that come, know that they are just any other racer at these shows. They aren’t stars, they aren’t paid to be there… they come because it’s an awesome & prestigious race to win.

Using David Ragan as an example, if he were to win the Derby, THAT fame would last far longer than anyone remembering he won at Daytona in a Cup car.

It’s a race that ANY self-respecting racer would cherish in his career. It… is… HUGE in the racing world.

I agree 100 % with Jerry on these points. The Derby does NOT pay a single driver to appear. Tim Bryant and Family even arranged (free) for Kyle to spend some time with a local Autistic child (behind the scenes with no lime-light) on Wednesday. I’m not a Kyle fan but to talk to Erik after the race, winning the Derby for him meant one thing… Beating Kyle and Choquette to do it took it to a whole new level.

As for the Derby as a whole… Two words… BUCKET LIST. I have been to cup races and sporting events in every level and this tops them all. There is not a single event like it. I was fortunate to be here in 2010 just for two days and enjoyed it, but to be here this year with Speed51 and take in the whole event beginning with the kickoff party on Tuesday and experiencing the ENTIRE event, all I can say is WOW. Watching and hearing the track announcer call out each hauler one by one as they enter the track on Wednesday, watching all the practice, the stress just to make the show… It’s amazing.

This was by far an experience I will NEVER forget.

And thankfully this won’t be my last. I will be covering Speedfest with 51 and have been invited back by Bob Dilner for next years Derby… I’m already counting down.

And lastly Jerry, not just any self-respecting driver, but anyone who calls themselves a race Fan should have this on their short list of DON’T MISS!

As a side note: I was very impressed with the amount of talk I heard all week about the Governor’s Cup and Speedweeks. There were a LOT of driers talking about it. There were a lot that are looking forward to the Gov Cup now that it will be earlier in 2013. Even the PA announcers talked a lot about the Governors Cup. And I personally think it’s pretty damn cool that the last two Governors Cup winners are also Snowball Derby Champs. The whole thing gives me a lot to look forward to in 2013. Who knows… Maybe we’ll have a “Last Chance Race” for the 48th Gov Cup! Guess we’ll see in October!!!

Love that the G Cup got alot of discussion. Please put it back to a true 200 lap race with no 10 minute break… All the drama was pulled out when you knew when the they would all pit.

Would of been outstanding if there were cars as good as that, also given to other kids at 15 to 16 years old,WOW some super $$$$$$ helped and crew make a good driver when very young,many of us would of loved that type of boost,must be some story there :ernaehrung004:

A note on Erik Jones: that is ONE team on that front end of Pit Road that did not hire a single “professional” crew member for the Derby!

It showed as they had trouble with lugnuts in the right rear in two consecutive Pit stops and Both times the kid got them back out front.

Even local favorite Jeremy Pate (the team that helped completely clip Brian Campbell’s car on Thursday night) said in my pre-race interview that they hired a cup crew for the Derby.

Nascar drivers should be allowed to compete for several reasons. They like us like to take some time away from their regular job and persue other interests. No one complains about Tony Stewart,Ken Schrader or a host of others who raced at other venues. It is good for the sport and certainly helps at the gate. Its worth the price of admission to see a Busch get his butt kicked. Nascar entries are a tradition at the Snowball and thus a part of its mystique. The Nascar drvers are given no advantage, thet sent David Pearson home because his car was to light. And once again David slew Goliath.

This race has always attracted “name” drivers over the years… Guys like Darrell Waltrip, Bobby & Donnie Allison etc. would not miss it… A chance to make a few extra bucks during the off season.
Concerning David Ragan… David is one of just three current Sprint Cup drivers who has visited the Archives here in Daytona in the three years I’ve been here… That’s right, just three current drivers have stopped by here even though it’s right next door to the Speedway credentials building (the others were Tony stewart and Ryan Newman)… David has an appreciation for the history of the sport and just loves to race… His dad Ken, a former Cup racer, is a class act too and a great friend…
Whether you like Kyle Busch or not, the guy is a RACER… he just wants to race and his “bad boy” attitude is not really unlike an early Darrell Waltrip or some of the guys from the "50s like Jack Smith who’d just as soon knock you out either on the track or in the pits after the race…
If I was a Cup owner, I’d be trying to put together a two car team that will feature Erik Jones and Kyle Larson… Talk about two kids with a big future ahead of them.

Sorry, I am not a Busch fan at all but I do like David Ragan and I understand that NASCAR’s season is over and any and all drivers just want to get behind that wheel and race. They may have an advantage in the fact that they have more money to spend than some of the other Super Late Model drivers but I do understand why they are there. Just like some of the drivers ran the Snowflake and the Snowball and does that give them more of an advantage if they have never run at Five Flags?? Just like NASCAR, I think they need to keep the cup cars out of the Nationwide series but they don’t. But it shows that some teams have more money than others so they can afford to race both.

Guess I am old fashion and still believe in rookies and pros but nowadays, that no longer applies really. You start out in a Bandolero and go to a Legend because you are a pro now and if you have the money, you go bigger and bigger. Use to be that you paid your dues in the Nationwide series and then moved up to Cup. But yes, there are only a few Super Late Model races that big names can race before their season begins and I am sure we will see some at Speedfest also.

And again, that is only my two cents on how I feel. I don’t expect anyone to join my bandwagon because we all have our opinions for sure.

Merry Christmas