Florida Speedweeks Modified Reunion 2013

Just started working on this years Modified Reunion, and entries are already coming in.

This years event will be on Friday, February 22nd, from Noon til 5:00 at New Smyrna Speedway. At 7:00, the Richie Evans Memorial 100 for Tour-type Modifieds fires up, along with the other 4-5 classes running that night.

The Vintage cars will also be there again, usually about 20 cars per year, but hoping for a larger field since there doesn’t appear to be a conflict with the Zephyrhills event.

As for former Modified Racers, we have had well over 150 different racers, car owners, officials and crew members from all over the Northeast who raced in the 50’s - '80’s. Some of them are Hall of Famers, some never won a feature in their life, but ALL are equally important. They were RACERS, from a period of time where you built your own car out of junkyard parts, hauled it yourself, raced it, and fixed it yourself when it got busted up. These guys didn’t come from the “store-bought” car era, never owned a double-stack trailer, didn’t pay for a crew or a ‘development deal’, slept in the back of their pick-up on the way to the next race, and did it sometimes 6-7 times a WEEK.

These guys are my HEROES…!

Come on out and check out old racing programs, models, photo albums and die-cast cars that are all based upon the Modified class from all over the Northeast. Meet the drivers, listen to stories, get some pictures and autographs, and have a day full of fun.

As always, there is ZERO cost for anyone who would like to join in. Hoping to see you all there…!

Early entrant, Jerry Morgan


Entrant Dale Holdridge

Still racing today in Florida, in the Sprint car class, Sonny O’Sullivan

Our own Jim Higginbotham in his Napa 15

Vintage entrant Tobi Smith, in his replica Bob Judkins 2x. A LOT of work went into this car by building it with the same parts the original had, correct graphics, and sponsor info. Very nice piece here.

George Pavlisko comes every year from South Carolina. This guy is as enthusiastic as it gets. Even started his own Vintage Club in the Carolina’s trying to preserve the history in that region.

Good friend, and GREAT human being, our own Chaplain Bill Ross (with Jessica Murphy). Bill and I don’t share the same religious beliefs, but I’ve promised him if I ever feel the need to talk to someone, there is NO other person in the world I would consider before Bill. We’re lucky to have him around here…!!!

Tommy Elliott Jr. is a local LM racer, but his Dad was one of the best ever at Wall Staduim and other tracks in NJ. In this shot, he sure picked the right lane to be in, in the Don House XL-1 (which stands for Experimental Lincoln… from what I’ve heard, that engine was a monster).

Lockport NY’s Ross Holmes. I watched him move up from Mini-Stocks, to LM’s to Mods at Lancaster & Spencer Speedways in NY. Always had the number ‘Lazy 8’ on his cars. Nephew Bobby Holmes is doing a great job in that area today.

Another die-hard supporter of the Reunion events, Larry Larivee in his beautiful Bob Polverari tribute car. this looks like it could still win races today. Larry always has a car on display at the PRI Shows, and is a great ambassador for Vintage racing, and the local DAARA club.

Ron Hess in his Moonshine Runner… really…! This car comes complete with bullet holes in it, both from being shot AT, and being shot OUT OF. Ron has stepped up to be part of the Organization crew this year, along with Geoff Yoder, JT Dunn and Dave Dion of Nascar fame.

Bob Riffel seemed to have a thing for Mopars. Here is an early Late Model of his, then moved into Modifieds with a cool Barracuda bodied car.


Tom Ormsby in his Pinto Mod. Tom has been a HUGE help over the years recruiting drivers I didn’t know how to reach. Glad he’s coming again.


Al Jennejohn in his Gremlin at Weedsport Speedway in '74.

Vic Kangas was better known as a great Crew Chief. He was even featured on the old Collecter Card series. He was crew chief on this car, and I guess they did pretty well… won the Nascar Busch Series Championship with Joe Nemechek

Geoff Yoder is another whose help has been invaluable over the years, and 1 of the guys that ‘refused’ to let the Reunion die off. If it wasn’t for him… I was gonna be DONE.

First pic is his earliest car, at the famous Reading Fairgrounds alongside legendary Fuzzy Van Horn.

The second pic is Geoff in the Richie Evans car that paces the field for the Evans Memorial 100, along with who I believe to be Richie’s kids, Tara and Richie Jr.

Another guy that is helping out in a big way this year, is JT Dunn shown here in a cool Vega bodied mod. Wish I could’ve found a full-frame shot of this car. He also has a Cavalier bodied Mod, and not sure what he’s bringing this year.

JT & wife Karen do a lot for the DAARA club, and are very nice people.

Dennis Daley, although not a racer, brings an AMAZING collection of old programs, magazines and photo albums. You can name damn near any racer, or any car they ever drove, and chances are he can pull out a picture of it RIGHT NOW. Great guy, and his collection is always a big hit with the racers and fans.

New Jersey great, Don Stives in the beautiful Norcia 81.