Press Release From The New Owners Of Desoto Speedway


To all the fans, owners, and drivers, Mike Chase and I, Kevin Williams
have purchased DeSoto Speedway which includes 63 acres which will allow us to expand in the years to come and which will soon to be named
Full Throttle Speedway. We would like to first thank John and his family for their hard work and dedication to racing in the state of Florida and as they move on to their next chapter in life. We would like to let all of you know our plans for the future of Full Throttle Speedway.
As the owners of Punta Gorda Speedway for the past two and a half years most of you already know what we stand for and that is Family Fun and Hard Nose Racing entertainment. We will be doing some upgrades to the track in the next month and plan on having a grand opening on April 6th, as we are working on our schedule for the upcoming season which will run from April to December. With the uncertainty of Punta Gorda Speedway we felt it was the best time to take on another track to make sure the future will still be bright in Southwest Florida for the fans, racers, and to secure our kids have a fun safe place to race and call home.
Thank you all for your continued support.
Mike Chase and Kevin Williams

[SIZE=“6”]YES![/SIZE] It is a good day for Florida racing!

Ponta Gorda closing is a good day??? Maybe it won’t close??

Will the rule package come from P.G.S. or will Desoto rules still stand???

And could y’all please put the 4 bangers back on the big track!!!:smiley:

Amen to this hopefully the airport wakes up and they are able to keep both cant wait to run at desoto again!!!congrats Kevin And Mike I rally believe you two will make this the premare track in Florida to run once again a lot of people are excited about new owners!!!

This is good news for me. I heard that someone else was the new owner and if that was true it wought have been a sad day.

I wish Kevin all the luck in the world there .
I am going to try to get the old crew from the 80s there the first night for a get to gether…

Wow is going to be a party that night…
Don 62

This is awesome news. Kevin knows how to put asses in the seats and cars on the track. Another good track to race at!

That’s not what he means…Desoto will now have good management and be a fun place to race again.

“Full Throttle Raceway”? Really? :confused:

Almost as good as “Showtime Speedway”.


Do not name it “Full Throttle Speedway”

Please say that was just a crazy thing you came up with at a late night brainstorming session…cuz that’s…just…terrible.

There is nothing wrong whatsoever with DS.
Desoto Speedway. Plain and simple.
“The South’s Fastest Short Track”.

Please not Full Throttle. It conjures up images of the Duke boys jumping over 10 lanes of interstate, crashing into the pavement and driving away at 120 mph. Or in todays terms, a four dollar, five minute rush from a can of liquid caffeine for teens who want to look cool.

PLEASE…let this track regain some of it’s dignity. Don’t strip it of one of the things that made it into what it used to be. Sunshine’s famous moniker was cast aside (seemingly to give an extended life to a tired nickname it’s new owner used to enjoy when announcers would be listing the names of the drivers taken out in the first lap crash that, more times than not, he would seem to cause) for a circus name. Showtime. Wheeee…bring on the clowns on bicycles. Where are the elephants?

Putting Superspeedway in the name was about the dumbest thing I had ever heard in my life. I could never bring myself to use that silly name for a 3/8 mile race track. It was and will always be Desoto Speedway to me.

Before I go on too much more let me say THANK YOU so much for purchasing the race track.
Something drastically needed to be done and I’m hoping you guys are the real deal and can put together a business plan for making a profit while still providing a quality show for the fans AND keep the racers happy and excited about supporting your efforts. It’s gonna be a big job, no doubt. Just like the loyal patrons of Sunshine, when it’s gates closed that last time, there have been dozens (if not hundreds) of racers and fans alike who have been eagerly waiting for this day to come.

It’s almost like a deliverance.

So again, good luck to you. There is one thing you have in your favor, you know. When your standing on rock bottom, there’s no place to go but up.

[SIZE=“5”]Nothing but good can come of this venture. [/SIZE]

Just please don’t call it Full Throttle Speedway.



Differant huh?

Congratulations to Mike and Kevin. Now maybe Desoto will become one the the jewels it once was many years ago. Good luck guys…I can’t wait to see the schedule

Really don’t care what they call it all I know is we didn’t lose another short track.

Congratulations to Kevin and Mike. The old girl is jewel who just needs some polishing. If you need any help with anything let me know, once again congrats and good luck!

Congratulations Mike and Kevin. Now, please don’t ruin the plans for a whole bunch of race teams that want to run the FUPS Sportsman, Modified, Truck, and yes, Late Model Tours by cancelling Desoto’s (Full Throttle’s?) FUPS events. With a new track I would think you would want all the cars you can get. Why leave out all these FUPS teams from these FOUR divisions? Talk to Rick Williams, Kevin. Both of you guys have real good reputations with racers, I can’t see how you guys can’t find some common ground that will benefit EVERYONE. :slight_smile:

Gonna be good to be HOME!

Kevin Williams and Mike Chase Ya’ll are the MEN!

From the ashes it was drivin’ into will rise a great phoenix.
The other did not listen to the people, maybe the new one will.
Do it right, be far, be consistant
and the car and fans will come

Good luck to you! I will be there to support the track every night I can.

Good luck to the new owners!! I hope they bring the track back to what it used to be. Also good luck to John, and thank you for selling the track to someone who will keep it a track. I am sure now you will be able to go racing with your son, and enjoy it, not having to deal with being in the ownership role…Joe

Also, to the new owners, just run Desoto the same way you run Punta Gorda, and the track will be a success. As I read the posts above, I see all the new ideas?? Dont really need any of them, or a new bussiness model, just keep doing what you have been doing. I also am not crazy about the new name, but since you guys put your butts on the line and came up with the dough, you can name it what ever you want…lol