Some old NASCAR trivia

Was cleaning out my office the other day and found a NASCAR trivia book from 1998. I figured I would run some questions by you guys for a while to really see how smart you guys are. (Or not)

What eventual racing champion at age 17 filed a false birth certificate with NASCAR and drove briefly in the 1957 Southern 500 before being discovered and ejected from the event?

Who was the first to drive the car No. 43 in Winston Cup competition after Richard Petty’s retirement? (Read the question very carefully or it may trip you up)

From Bartow Florida

Rick Wilson drove for Petty first . I think … :slight_smile:

Cale Yarborough is the answer to your first question. And I think John Andretti is the answer to your second.

By doing the math

Cale Yarborough (born in 1939) would make him around 17 in 1957 . :question:

You are right Big Block

I forgot.
They had put the number 44 on the first year after Richard retired .
And Ol’ Wreck Wilson lived up to his nickname.

The answer to the first question is Cale Yarborough. It sure didn’t take very long for you to get that one right. I wouldn’t have had a clue if it wasn’t for the book.

You still don’t have the right answer to the second one yet though. You are right though about Petty changing to the No. 44 the first year after retirement. But it wasn’t John Andretti driving the No. 43.:confused:

No more suspense… It was Wally Dallenbach, Jr. - 1994 Daytona 500… Wally’s daughter is now racing at New Smyrna…

Let’s give you another question to chew on for a while.

When Buick went to victory lane for the last time on April 22, 1990, at North Wilkesboro Speedway, who was the driver? :sprachlos020:

ancrdave… you are correct sir.:ernaehrung004:

OK. Iv’e got one for you guys: In 1985, when Bill Elliott won the Winston Million in the Southern 500 at Darlington, NASCAR fined him for something. What did they fine him for? Anyone can Google an answer. Who really knows?

That was Brett Bodine wasn’t it?

That’s an easy one and I’ll leave it up to the rest of the folks on here to look it up…

Here’s a bit more difficult question… Since 1911 only two drivers have stopped a perfectly good race car during the running of the Indianapolis 500, got out and assisted a driver involved in a crash… Who were they? Hint: one is still alive today, the other died in a late-1950s crash…

I believe he had the number 9 on his roof upside down didn’t he?

Yes, that’s what it was. And Cale would have won that race had he not lost a power steering line late in the race. I remember watching that race with my father. I was a HUGE Cale Yarborough fan!

Yes it was. I guess I’ll have to make the questions a little harder.

Here’s a question that’s a little bit tougher.

Which driver’s crew chief resigned midway through the 1997 Goody’s 500 at Bristol?:fragend005:

I remember that

Yes, and Cale was right in front of Bill when the line broke. I thought he blew the motor at the time . Didn’t remember about the upside down number though.

Still waiting for the answer to the crew chief question… I’ll give you one a little bit easier.

What former Indianapolis 500 winner made his first Winston Cup start in the inaugural Brickyard 400?

Answers to the last two questions

The crew chief that resigned halfway through the Bristol race was for Geoff Bodine.

The Indy driver that drove his first race at the first Brickyard 400 was Danny Sullivan. I believe that was his one and only Winston Cup race.If I remember right it was the same year that he did the 360 degree spin on the backstretch during the Indy 500 race and ended up winning. Not quite sure though.

I’ve got two final trivia questions then I will call it a day.

What is Bill Elliott’s middle name?

What was the late J.D. McDuffy’s full name?