Mid week show tonight

[B][I]Tonight, Tuesday August 6th, they have a PASS race at Autodrome Chaudi?re in Vall?e Jonction, Qu?bec, with Kyle Busch as a special guest. He will race his car in the PASS race.

As of now, 7H30, there are already 7000 fans @ $45 in there and they are still walking in.

Not too bad for an impossibility…[/I][/B]

Also tonight… Battle of the Bullring at Accord Speedway in NY. 51 laps, $5100 to win.

These fools are trying to run mid-week, when all the REAL Promoters know it can’t be done…

[QUOTE=Frasson118;131651]Also tonight… Battle of the Bullring at Accord Speedway in NY. 51 laps, $5100 to win.

These fools are trying to run mid-week, when all the REAL Promoters know it can’t be done…[/QUOTE]

46 Dirt modifieds in the pits…upstate NY is Dirt Modified country…dirt is where its at.


Add in the 36 Sportsman cars ($1500 to win that one), and you’ve got an 82 car, 2 division show, in front of a full grandstand on a Tuesday night.

This show was put on by Brett Deyo, who promotes a handful of specials each year at various tracks. I’ve suggested to him that he should try to work with Bubba Clem to set up a Speedweeks event in Ocala… maybe a couple days worth of races before the Big Blocks get to Volusia.

Deyo gets a very good following of the ‘independent’ racers that aren’t already in the back pocket of DIRT.

From what I recall, Deyo’s reaction was along the lines of 'I don’t think I would find enough time in my schedule to make it happen… but didn’t rule out the idea either.

The right guy to promote it, a track that would be perfect for it, and a time of year that racers & fans would support it. I see a winning situation all around.

Just saw a little more info:

The Mod winner actually won $5925 with lap leader bonuses. Every lap was sponsored.

2 sponsors stepped up to add a 25th & 26th place starter to the mod race by paying the full “starting money” of $300.

They had a 5 lap Dash for heat winners only… It paid $555 to win.

The Sportman feature, originally announced as $1000 to win was raised recently to $1500… it actually paid $1925 at the end. Almost double of the original amount.

C’mon guys, it’s time to wake up. Jerry, Andre’, you’ve been dreaming. We all know midweek shows can’t possibly work. All the track owners and promoters have said it won’t. I can’t believe how big a fool I was all those years going to the midweeks shows. Of course I didn’t know it until I moved to Florida. Ignorance is bliss.

midweek racing would be great. however, maybe if Florida tracks would cut their long racing season to about 2/3 of what it is and make people want to come to the track it might work.

With all the rainouts I feel it has already been cut.

I have said it before and will say it again…alot of money in the north east,down here,not so much…
Comparing a successful mid week show in the North East to the possibility of one in Florida is like comparing apples & oranges.


The thing is, I’ve SEEN. It work in Fla.

The original Powell Memorials were done on a Tuesday night, and appeared to be very successful. Full pits and full grandstands.

It can’t be done every week by any means, but maybe 3-4 shows all at different tracks, it CAN be done.

Mid week shows should work here just like every where else they have NO COMPETITION from other tracks. If they were done right oh wait a minute that can’t happen we’re in Floridah. Sorry for the optimism.

Never going to happen…Anyone who runs a legitimate business knows that the bills don’t stop coming in just because you sit idle…Tracks up north are forced to be seasonal because of the cold weather.

It may be a double edged sword but as long as it is warm and sunny tracks are going to try to make money.

Mid week

Orlando could not get people and cars to come out on a Friday. How is a Tuesday or Wednesday going to be better? Punta Gorda tried a Thursday Super Late Model series, and ran two races before it got canceled due to nobody showing up. It has been tried, it don’t work. Most of the places that are listed above are in very populated areas, and few other tracks around. Also, those are big races, for Professional teams that don’t have other jobs during the week.

Actually, Accord is in the middle of know where in the Catskills…but your other points are correct.
Dirt track racing in the North East has a HUGE following and those involved are house hold names to the even the average fan.Lots of well know names with deep pockets and big sponsors…Again,all comes down to $$$.

Hate to break it to those in denial but other than Showtime (which is in a very populated area and sinking tons of money into the track on a 5yr lease without a promise of a return) asphalt racing in Florida is all but dead.

asphalt racing in Florida is all but dead.

[B][I]Until somebody shows up with the fuse to lights it up!!!

At that same track where they held that show yesterday, they had race nights with 200 fans last year under previous management.

If you build an event or events that people want to see, they will attend, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, what day of the week, and how much you charge, they will show up.

Look around, music shows, Cirque du Soleil, Dubai, Wrestlemania, Super Bowl, UFC, and the list goes on and on. Just take Crash O Rama, biggest attendance of the year, at a track that is normally dead.[/I][/B]

If the owners and promoters say it won’t work, it won’t. Just another in the long list of self fulfilling prophecies we have to live with. One of the old Orlando Speedways biggest races was held on Thanksgiving Day. Full field of cars and full stands, only the concession stand was off that day.


[B][I]Until somebody shows up with the fuse to lights it up!!!


That fuse is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Mean while,OSW cant get the act together,Putnam closes after 5 months,and Ellisville announced today that they will not run this weekend because they cant fix the lights :rolleyes:

[B][I]That is a fact that it takes $ to make $. No way around it.

Even at lottery, you still have to buy a ticket.[/I][/B]

THese mid week races are all one off events or annual events…when NSS races on July 4th for a mid week show they usually do ok at the gate.

I am sure having 1 or 2 a year is sustainable, I think Don said there were 4 or 5 days a year that they usually work…

IF you think a track could race on Wednesdays on a regular basis, you are sorely mistaken…

[B][I]Thunder Road, Barre, Vermont has been racing on Thursday night very successfully for many decades. And I am sure there are others.

If you can move fans by tens of thousands to differents sporting events every day of the week, I do not see why not in racing. BUT, because there is a BUT, you have to have the right show.

Quick, action packed, entertaining, stars studded, something people want to see.

And this is where many fail. Not good enough of a show. And then, even if it is Saturday and free to get in, people will not go.[/I][/B]