Orlando SpeedWorld Update


It was announced today that Jimbo Chadwick of New Smyrna Beach, FL has been named to fill the vacant General Manager position at Orlando SpeedWorld.
Chadwick has a long background in racing, starting as a driver at South Florida tracks, then by operating Chadwick Race Cars, Inc. in Pompano Beach from 1986 through 1997. After moving to North Carolina, Chadwick ran a marketing and promotions company called Showtime, Inc., building show cars and promotional items for such NASCAR Sprint Cup teams as Hendrick Motorsports, Roush Racing and Penske Racing. Now, after returning recently to Florida, Chadwick will take on the job of actually running a race track for the first time but says he is up to the challenge.
Plans are to run an open practice on Friday evening, August 23, with the first scheduled racing event to take place the following night, Saturday, August 24. Classes to be in action that night will be made known early next week so teams will have ample time to prepare.

Photo is of Jimbo in victory lane with Wayne Anderson after this years’ Billie Harvey Memorial race…


I wish you the best Jimbo. OSW is a nice track and it just needs some good management and promotion. I hope you can give it what it needs to be a successful track in the center of our state! :wink:
Carol Wicks

Heck Yeah!!

Excellent ,Lets GO JIMBO!!!

This is outstanding news, hopefully he will listen to the racers and fan base.

Maybe Wayne will show up at OSW…its been awhile

Congratulations Jimbo!!! Wishing you all the best!!!

Good luck old friend. Hope you have a great time at one of the best tracks in the state.
Take ur time and it will work out.
If I have any info that you need please call…
The racer has a real racer for a track promoter now !!


Don Please call me

(877) 240-3278
Rick Williams

yay yay yay. cant wait. hurry up and reschedule.the june 1 race


Thats great can’t wait!!!:ernaehrung004:

Aug24th Osw

Hope to see TBARA that night along with all the other regular classes :grinser010:

Dave… You are still the announcer… Right???

Congrats Jimbo!

Posted on Facebook:

Opening Nite 8/24/13 Pits / Tech / Registration open 3:00, Practice 4-6:30, Grandstands open 6:00, Drivers meeting 7:00, Innvocation/ National anthem 7:20, Features start 7:30 * Mini Fours * Super Stocks * Pro-Trucks * INTERMISSION * Sportsman * E-Mods * Bombers * All races will be 25 laps.

WHY oh Why

What is the deal here,Why,oh why do you not want to put on a SHOW ?FEATURES ONLY…may as well just go to the DRAGS…What is up with this?

Pro Trucks in Auburndale on 24th

Why not run the trucks the following week, you would get a better count.

Congrat’s Jimbo!!!

Have I got an idea you you!!!
Call me.

Bobby Diehl
RPM International Motorsports Expo
Walt Disney World Resorts
813-817-RACE (7223)

Had a nice long meeting with Jimbo yesterday… Yes, I am still the announcer and the media guy… if you are not on my track e-mail list, send your e-mail to me at announcerdave@usa.net and I’ll add you to our mailing list…
For those of you interested in heat races… When enough cars begin to support a class (our number looks to be 14), we’ll split them up and run heats…
Basically, if you want this track to begin filling in the big hole that has been dug for it, bring a truckload of dirt and a shovel and begin filling it in… in other words, bring your racecar and SUPPORT the track!!!
Jimbo is very accessible and really has a passion for this sport… but, he is on a budget, so do your best to help him out… Most of all, let’s just have FUN!

When is the schedule going to be out? Are they going to run Super Late Models? What about payouts? Heard that they are only going to pay back the 3 top positions like they do in Drag racing. Any truth to that?

Great news

Hopefully,Jimbo can improve the nanagement problems the last few years.Its been a couple of years that I have been to Orlando Speedworld.Hopefully,the track will have events that will prompt my return to the track.:auto003: