New owner at Citrus Country Speedway

Gary Laplant has brought the asset of Citrus Racing and is taking over the lease on Citrus County Speedway from Michael Reed as of today Aug 22.2013. I am looking very forward to stepping in and continuing what Mr Reed has started. I intend to keep Citrus County Speedway the greatest short track race track in Florida as been in the past. I look forward to making Citrus County Speedway the favorite track to race at . As your new owner I have a open phone line to drivers and fans, This ale took place in a fast matter and look forward to meeting all the driver and fans of Citrus Country Speedway on Sept 7 2013.

Gary Laplant
813 313 8741

BIG news… is this effective right away, or is there a transition period?

We visited the track for the first time this year… We were impressed. Congrats on your new purchase

I took over as of today 8/22/13 to answer your question

Outlaw wedge Late Models! :aetsch013:

Just sayin’. :smiley:

Best of luck to you Gary.

Congratulations!!! Wishing you all the best!!! Have not had the opportunity to visit this track but it is on my list to do so, hopefully soon.

Congrat’s to Gary!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Gary tried very hard to win the bid on Punta Gorda Speedway and lost. I will tell this that he will have an open mind, work night and day to make the track’s, Racers, Fans, and Track Sponsors become the best they can be. We have talk over the last couple of years and he has his passion for racing. Now as an owner he will be able to do what it takes. I told him I am every excited about getting back into the Short Tracks promotions.
I have a lot on my plate with the New Series of Thunder Smash starting in Nov., the RPM International Motorsports Expo at Disney World Resorts in Dec., Teaching School as the Hillsborough County Pilot Program for the NASCAR’s
S.T.E.M "Student Racing Challenge in May and now Citrus County Speedway (I am Honored to call him a Friend) promotions. Get ready for some of the old “GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” !!!
Bobby Diehl
RPM International Motorsports Expo
Walt Disney World Resorts
813-817-RACE (7223)

[SIZE=“6”]Get ready for some of THIS:[/SIZE]

We need a good promoter up here, the racers at CCS will support you 110% if you are fair and do the right thing.

Gary are you going to retain the personal that have run the place so well or are you going to reinvent the wheel? I would steer clear of advice from your old partner as his deal did not work out so good.

I will meet with the personal they have on hand now and hopefuuly it will remaind the same for the rest of the year with out any changes unless some need to be made. .

Thanks for the quick answer a good idea IMHO see you there next FUP race.

Wow! Why would keep the same staff when they are responsible for a lot of the drivers leaving? If that staff was doing such a great job the track would be strong, not losing drivers on a regular basis. Just sayin.

WE HAVE A WINNER! :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

The problems will continue until they are gone. My father and I both are former track champions and have been going to the track since the mid 80’s and its NEVER been this bad. I could spend hours airing dirty laundry, shady tech dealings and everything else but its not going to do anything but piss me off. The place has been in steady decline for the past 5 years…dont even get me started. Hopefully Gary will restore the track to a FUN place to go racing and back to the best track in the state.

When taking over a business you just dont just fire every and start all over new you weed ou the bad apples in the bunch which trust me I will do what it takes to get cars and fans back at the track.

Gary Laplant
813 313 8741

Bobby Diehl, Please Quit with the BIG Red lettering. In the Business World that is unprofessional ediquette. Not sure of the spelling.

[QUOTE=gary laplant;132533]When taking over a business you just dont just fire every and start all over new you weed ou the bad apples in the bunch which trust me I will do what it takes to get cars and fans back at the track.

Gary Laplant
813 313 8741[/QUOTE]

I understand that and actually just spend some considerate time on the phone with member of your staff. Perhaps they ALL don’t need to go but the ones in problem areas could be replaced.

We did not know of the problems the weekly racers endure. I was speaking of our recent trips there which are very infrequent.

ood luck with your new track… Be carefull .I have been there 2 times this year and the racing has been great. The stands have fallin off the last few years and thast is something that needs a lot of work.
All the track personal have treated me great and the racing has bveen way over the top from any plase that I have been. I have been in racing for many years and Don C and I have not agred on a lot of things we have alwase been friends. You cant do any better than him in this sport.
If BOBBY the BIG TOP is going to help try to keep the Big tent out of the iufield so we can see. (bobby dig lol)
agin good luck looks like all the tracks except NSS will have new people…


do you race there?

Do you know these people?