GovCup Entries

Hasnt been updated since 10/9 - will we reach 40 cars? Will we add more big names?

Whats Wayne Andersons story why isn’t he running the Gov Cup? Seems like his kinda race with the money on the line.

Following the Winchester 400 got me all amped up.

Whats the story on the mod field being so light? I imagine it will be like last years, but who knows. Is little John S coming back?

Gov Cup

Seems to me,they need to talk either to NBC or FOX about airing the race,especially the Late Models.It would attract more sponsors and purse money,if the race was broadcast nationally.I talked to the powers that be a couple of months ago at NSS. I left it to them,so probably not gonna happen.

Wow - well, i am doubtful NBC/Fox would even listen for a regional short track late model event not named Snowball Derby. Hell if they cant get that on what was Speed at the time - no way they get the Gov Cup on network tv.

Aim high, though.

As a fan I am hoping for 40+ late models and 40+ modifieds! :aetsch013:

Too bad you never got to see one of these races at Golden Gate Speedway… Start 36 cars and send the other 40-60 packing…

If it’s TV you want the best chance is Mav-TV. They air all kinds of short track racing from around the country.

Amen to that. It was so nice to sit under the oaks at the back of the pits and watch then arrive, and with all open trailers you knew right away who it was.

That sounds exciting, I love watching heat races that send cars home for the night.

You’re right (again) Dave… I was lucky enough to see that… and sorry to see those days are long gone… I have a nephew that keeps saying he was born too late… yep on that… he’s 100 % correct… and back then…they raced to the front… loads of passing… great driving… can you say “Excitment?”… OSF

PS… saw a lot of folks yesterday that remember those days at the Gate (at Reunion)…

To see the first one as a 13-year-old kid in 1965 was a huge treat… My first trip to Golden Gate and what an experience it was… Got to see drivers I had only heard or read about in the papers… Bobby Allison showed up on Sunday and since he did not time trial the day before (he ran a race in Georgia Saturday night then towed straight to Tampa) had to run one of the last chance races. Started way in the back and won it… Very impressive since the last chance races were just 25 laps… Started in the 11th row and slowly worked his way to the front catching leader Wayne Reutimann with about 75 laps to go… Wayne and Bobby ran side-by-side for 75 laps before Wayne won by a half car length at the checker… A truly amazing race…

Dave’s story reminds me of the Trenton NJ Race of Champions for Modifieds in 1974. Early on that Saturday morning, Bobby Allison’s rig showed up with both a Modifed & Late Model. But back in those days, bobby would send his stuff somewhere else if he was running NASCAR, in case it rained out, he could show up last minute to where his short track cars were. If he showed up, he drove… if not, an unknown by the name of Neil Bonnett would.

Bobby never made it, so I got my first experience with Neil.

Not having been there the qualifying day, he had to start at the back of the LM feature, and ran impressively. But then he had to start dead last in the Last Chance Qualifyier, and only 2 get in (out of probably 40 cars or more).

Neil pulls out a win in that race (from last) to get in the 300.

Starting 54th out of 55, here comes Neil through a field stacked with THE biggest names the Modifieds had EVER seen. From 54th, he made it to 2nd before breaking down.

For someone I’d never heard of, he made an impression I never forgot… and this is LONG before the rest of the world had heard of Neil Bonnett.

As a side note, the outside pole-sitter in that same race was another guy I’d never hear of before either… Harry Gant.

That was probably one the most memorable of all the cup races. Wayne actually slipped a little coming out of 4 but Allison being the class act that he was let him gather it up and win. One of my favorite pictures is Buzzie running out towards the finis line as Wayne crossed it. What a great day that was back when you raced clean and respected your fellow racer.

[QUOTE=jbonez21;135150]That sounds exciting, I love watching heat races that send cars home for the night.[/QUOTE]It wasn’t just “for the night” back then.

The Governor’s Cup used to be a three-day weekend.

Friday night - “regular show” at Tampa, but, a lot of guys running the Governor’s Cup would show up, getting in some track time - especially if they weren’t local cars.

Saturday was time trials to set the fields for the heat races - on Sunday afternoon.

Guys would then load up, head across Tampa Bay, and run the Gulf Coast Classic at Sunshine Saturday night.

Head back to the motel, make repairs from Saturday night in the parking lot; get ready for Sunday afternoon’s heat races and the last-chance race, and the 200. When there’s as many cars in the last-chance races - yep - two of 'em, at least (or, more cars loading up to go home than are starting the 200) - as there is starting the 200, you got a GREAT field of cars.

In the early to mid '80s, it really became a 3-day show. Tampa would run the 200 on Friday night, severely cutting down on the format due to a county-mandated curfew; St. Pete still had the Classic on Saturday night; and then Bradenton jumped in to the Triple Crown format on Sunday afternoon with the Coca Cola 200 (we won the Coca Cola race the first year - 1981 - with Jim Childers).

Wish they’d bring back the Sunday-afternoon races.

The latest update was small (1 driver) but significant if it pans out - Bubba Pollard on the Gov Cup list now!

there are other options for getting a race broadcast on tv

all stations need programming.Auto racing is only shown on nbc sports and speed (now fox 1 )because thats the direction people have chosen to go when trying to get air time for auto racing.About three years ago ION aired an ASA race that was held in South Africa.Yes I said ASA race from South Africa.I dont remember who won it but i did watch it,complete with Geoff Bodine who may have been making his first start in a race car after his severe injuries in a truck race at Daytona a year or two earlier.( The bad part was this race was broadcast about 2am.But hey at least they aired it!!!

Looks like they had another update - Choquette added as well? (couldnt remember if he was already on there in the 64). Nice day - Pollard and Choquette!

It’s gonna be a good one. Grill, Pollard, Benjamin. Looks like it’s shaping up to a small Southern Super Series race. Can’t wait

Definitely coming around. An addition to the Pro LM field I noticed is Frederick Moore, who I’ve never seen race, but his name is always near the top of the results I’ve seen him in over the years.

Good to see Choquette entered, although it was at the expense of Joe Winchell after that team split up. Hopefully Joe can get his #57 Pro Late out there, if not a competitive ride in a Super.

I take it that is you?

Hah, unfortunately not.