Governor's Cup: Stuck Throttle and Fire

On FaceBook today.

Several posts about Frank Kryer’s (out of Wisconsin) stuck throttle and fire, as the car burned to the ground. Apparently, the fuel pump was knocked off in the hard hit, which allowed fuel to just pump all over the place.

LOTS of posts about the “incompetence” of the safety crew; the “age” of the equipment"; etc., being a “NASCAR track and all”.

Anybody got any more info? Driver is OK.

well I am glad the driver is ok . I am thinking maybe the track should invest in a fire truck . how many fire extinguisher did it take to put this out ? its a good thing he wasn’t trap in the car .

so I have to ask, what is that dune buggy to the right of the fire? At first I thought it was some old Daara car, but haven’t read that they are part of the weekend.

Bowlegs that’s the track safety buggy.

I’d say from what I see there the track is very ill prepared. There’s not a single person in any sort of safety gear. Maybe there was while they were getting him out? They have a stack of small extinguishers to fight fires? Their entire response team is a dune buggy?? They do realize they’re dealing with cars filed with gas, right?

this is a wake up call now nss should react responsibly please

NSS had their wake up call many years ago under the leadership of Julien Klein. He was the promoter the year Marion Edwards Jr. was taken from us. There was no fire protection there that day either. As a result I never attended another Klien promotion anywhere. Another thing that was allowed that day was I believe Jim Crowe had his rear bodywork removed due to wreck but continued. His exposed gas tank that day was a 25 gal. oil can converted to a fuel tank.

I had a couple of them at Desoto over the years, you need not to panic I ran over to the car that was involved and reached in and turned the fuel valve off, you can not stop that fire with gas still pouring out. Fuel pump lines keep on siphoning out.

You see where the fire is on the front right of the car if we had made mandatory ball valves in the trunk the first one at the scene if he is trained right could take off the deck lid and turn the ball valve off while another fire fighter will attack the fire and everyone should be trained that way. Over the years I have seen trained firefighters not knowing how to use a purple k tank and jam the nozzle and they could not fight the fire. This happen at Lakeland one year with Richie Anderson I believe I was right there. So if we get anything out of this fire lets look into ball valves at the fuel cell, I hope everyone was all right . See ya at the races John.

In that one pic whats that guy doing with the camera in one hand and the shovel in the other?

A pair of vice grips will crimp the fuel line at the fuel cell if the safety crew can access it.

I don’t see a safety crew at this incident. I see untrained people trying to do the job of a trained safety crew. I’m glad nobody got hurt.

Where was the safety crew ?

Good stuff to keep in mind. Thanks guys.