Hold Hands CCS

Gary has a new post stating he has and will always listen to the whole class, if that is true I would like a list of names that asked for Recaps on Street Stocks because I have the list that asked for radials. Since then several cars have sold and many have went to Desoto or Showtime. If not because of the tire then it must be that they felt they received unfair treatment, either way don’t sound like a place I want to go and hold hands until the rule pages indicate he is listening to the racers.

Citrus is the closest track to me. i see it slipping away. hopefully it will rebound.


it is almost the exact same for me to travel to CCS, Showtime or Auburndale, but I enjoy the trip to CCS, not so much to the other two. I have no personal grudges against anyone at the track, but facts are facts and he told me a lot of great things racers supposedly said about the recap so I made the trip to hear it first hand and did not get the same information and some of those “advocates” left not to return. I dont feel like when I inquire I should be mislead, unless the racers are misleading him and then going somewhere else?


which class at CCS do you run? Please give me a call on this matter 813 313 8741

Gary Laplant

Gary is a liar, NONE of the racers wanted these tires or ANY rule changes that cost the racers more money. These tires are JUNK! I read his little cry for help on the Citrus board, but its far too late. He has no friends in the community and the number of drivers ( and long time employees) who are leaving climb each week. Gary has nobody to blame but Gary. We all tried to help him, but we were referred to us as " dumb redneck racers"…not very smart. You see, the community in Floral City/ Inverness is very tight knit, we all talk, do business together and regardless of what happens on the race track most of us are friends outside the gates. We spoke, he didn’t listen and there are quite a few of us that will not be back until he is gone. He owes past due debts to folks in the community that were nice enough to extend credit to him…pay up already! I would take “county boy racing” over the product that he has been pushing any day of the week. I went to see for myself last weekend and I can assure you that it lived up to the “hype” on how bad things really were. I know several other former track champions that are also going elsewhere over the BS. Desoto seems to be the place to go these days and Bronson is getting better too. Even if you look past his killing of Charlotte County Speedway a few years ago, a quick search of Public Records in the Tampa Bay area will tell you all you need to know about this guy.

Florian you are like a cancer in racing !

Florian you are like a cancer, your no good for racing and you prove it everytime you open your mouth. Its funny your own father said something about what a butt you are or words I dont say. Several people heard him say it when you were there this last time, to do nothing more than stir the pot of trouble that night. You may be tight knit but also some of the most negative people that eat away at things like a cancer. You guys make Gary sound so bad, but he has spent a bunch of money fixing up the place from the previous regime that let things go. He raised purses, cut some costs for registration and has tried hard to do advertising and things in the community, but people who like to complain, but do not like change are causing so many issues. The rules are being done and enforced. Think I have heard you say bad things about a couple other promoters and tracks…the only thing that is a common theme is that your involved…hmmmm wonder what that means.

I call it like I see it, had he went about things differently, and not lied to us right out the gate about “Travis’ new job” I think more people would have supported him. Travis is still looking for that particular job :wink: Its pretty sad when long time employees are leaving in droves, drivers are leaving and the only common denominator is Gary. I call things the way I see them and if you or your buddy don’t like being called out for being shady, I suggest that you change your ways. That’s the solution to your self inflicted problems.


I have done nothing shady, and your going by what some people have said. Not knowing what was told to Gary by others. It wont matter anyways cause you will believe the bad stuff even if it is not factual…cause thats how you are.

You Know

[QUOTE=gary laplant;143900]mpf74

which class at CCS do you run? Please give me a call on this matter 813 313 8741

Gary Laplant[/QUOTE]

You know who I am, we have talked on the phone multiple times. We have argued, begged, pleaded, offered insight and done research to help you all for not. Ted Head, Bifaro, JD Goff, Dora, all the Street Stock Regulars except the one you suspended have went and played at other venues, you will be lucky to get any of them back, and end up with ZERO Street Stocks all because " You listen to all the racers", NO. If you was really listening you would know that no one wants to use your low end high profit recap, that we want a DOT Radial only, or if absolute must a race tire with purchase restrictions so that money doesn’t rule the low budget classes. The 74, 79, and 31 cars are ready trying to wait out the ridiculousness so we don’t have to buy wheels a two barrel, more springs, shocks and hang 300 pounds on our cars and drag down stop and go I-275 to go race Showtime. We are budget racers that want to race in a budget class, so spending more money to go somewhere else is ALL that has kept us from going. I am leaning leaning toward Auburndale but I raced go carts there 20 years ago and it was one lane then, and that is not racing to me. You have a track with a lot character and people who love it, I don’t know why yo will not cooperate with us.

Gee Rick…those words you dont say…you sure said them to Travis that night at the track…

Truth right there! ^

Well sir If I you would like to talk to me like man an really want to talk about what everyone wantson tires then call me on the phone. In the last tow week many driver have called me an they are looking to go on 450 and 650 tires Like I offered to start with as a tire for the street stock . If you really want to talk you would not hide behide a key board to talk words to get your way be a man and use your real name sir and let work things out for all the drivers just not you sir.

I will talk like a man…you took a poll with the drivers before the year started an I would say 85% said they wanted radials…so you went with recaps!!! Good Choice!!! Call me a liar…

Well what you called a poll was just ten drivers. Beside I have had many converstaion with many driver over the last two week about tires and Not many want radial on the street stock any more. Ted Head is a good feind of mine and he has taold be that the recaps are a great tire and he like them very much. It not worth a fight ove online to me sir you think what you like.
Last week Alburndale only had 8 street stock and three of them went down from Citrus so car count is done at many tracks from the old days sir.

Why talk on the phone when you can communicate openly with a verifiable record, no one can say " I never said that" when its has a digital record. 450 650 does not solve the problem, it falls off too much after 50-60 laps on stock suspension 3300 # car with a cg of + - 30". Why don’t you call Hoosier tell them you have an abrasive multisurface track containing shell and has concrete patches and see what they recommend. It will not be 450 650. Stop watch the sportsmans or trucks you will see the fall of. We are not NASCAR we don’t get tires thrown on every caution. once again the term BUDGET ELUDES YOU.

Well that is your opintion and other have there no name. As far has drivers leaving I am very sure they will be racing this week at Cutrus alone with some other cars too in the street stock class No NAMe.

Man…I need a decoder ring…

Mr Bristol for you to make the comment about cancer to someone, after you have dealt with it yourself you should be ashamed, If we are going to use the word cancer, it should be applied to MR LAPLANT, He took a good ole boy racetrack and ripped it out of the locals heart, people that grew up there , raced there , worked there and gave there all to that track, and he ripped it right out of there heart, That’s cancer. yur on the payroll yu gotta do what you gotta do, I just got off the phone mr laplant, and I called him out on another one of his bold face lies on a sprint car deal, guess what you will not see the owm61 or the 5 sprint show up to support another one of yur events, good luck with yur venture , nuff said

With a little research of your own tracks results Gary, it would be pretty easy to know who mpf74 is…jeez. I think every class should be on 10" slicks, Hornets, Rookie Hornets, Fan participation, Pure Stock, Street Stock, both figure 8’s, Bandolero’s, all cars with motorcycle engines, Sportsman, Trucks, Modifieds, Super Late Models, Mini Stock, Modifed Mini Stock, Tow Trucks, your RV that is blocking a clear view of the track exit, the pace car, Golf carts, the bucket truck with no brakes, and even your Ford dually. (I left out Big John’s mini van since he has resigned)

I can appreciate all the cosmetic improvements you have made to the track, it certainly needed it. And the effort you have put in to get the tracks name out in the community. Two things you need to do to be successful from this day forward:

  1. Stay away from any computer keyboard or smart phone that allows you to post on the internet. You will never win a battle on a message forum, ever. And your grammar/spelling skills only make your track look like the dysfunctional mess to others, that the locals know it is right now.

  2. Hire a competent/respected race director that is willing to handle the racing side of your speedway. Let them handle your rules packages, calling the drivers, let them run the show on race night without your involvement.

This is one of your only hopes at this point, you have ran off generations of racing families that have grown up at your speedway in less than 1 year. These racing families survived the likes of Dan Jones, Billy Hooker, Mike Sims, Jimmy Wear, Steven Ziebarth, and Mike Reed just to name a few over the last 30+ years.

Remember what I told you a few weeks ago about censoring your track message board? Well…I hate to say it…but not really…I TOLD YOU SO!

I usually never comment on a message board, but when I am called out by name I think it’s important to have my opinion heard. The main reason I started racing at Citrus this year was because of their choice of tire. Auburndale Speedway is 7 miles from my house and I will gladly drive an hour and a half one way to race at Citrus, that is my choice. The 450/650 Hoosier tire is the sorriest tire that has ever been ran. The only person that this tire is good for is the man that sells them. I understand that a lot of people at Citrus really like the radials but I have very little experience with them. Nor do I have access to a tire truing machine. My recap tires on my Street Stock have over 250 laps on them and they are just as fast tonight as the day I put them on, if not faster. The reason I haven’t been running at Citrus the last few weeks is because I did not feel my car was competitive enough at the time. I have since raced at Orlando, Desoto, and I’m sure I will be back at Citrus sometime in the near future. Not trying to start any arguments, just wanting my opinion to be heard.