Lake City


Is it growing weeds? how owns track now?

Is it growwing we

Robert Hart still owns the track and we are looking at putting on an event later this year. We are still in the planning stages and will announce everything as soon as it is complete.

If you include Sportsman, I’ll be there Kim! I love Lake City. Ran a few events there last year and even got a win! :slight_smile:

Where is the Lake City track located? I never heard of it and can’t find any info on it… It’s not North Florida Speedway, is it?

Lake City would be awesome for the SSS final race! Perfect track for super late models, plus it would be a real cool neutral track.

Also seems like a “special event” track can suite Lake City perfectly. All in all great news Kim.

No, but right near N Florida Spdwy. Cool D shaped rather flat 1/2 mile. Very Stafford-like. I call it “The Poor Man’s Pocono”. A little north of Gainesville right off I-75. It’s been struggling lately. Closed for a while but opened last year by a local racing family. Despite their best efforts they just couldn’t get a lot of support. Probably because NFS took over the fan base and racers when LCS was closed.

North Fla was already strong with car & fan count before the asphalt track closed. Very few pavement racers in that area.

Just found it on Google… Looks like a great track… Too bad it can’t be uprooted and moved to Indian River County… LOTS of old oval guys down there and even further south that would love to race if there was a track within 2 hours…

This would sure be a welcomed event by those of us stuck in the middle of no mans land- 2 hours north of Bronson, 2 hours south of Cordele, and 3 hours east of 5Flags.

Any long term plans being made Kim (2015)? Rumor has it the races later this year will be held on Sundays.

I went to 5 Flags last night for the SSS race and was shooting the breeze with some folks afterwards.
The SSS is definitely looking to do a year end show to replace the AA400, and guess what? there is a Florida track under strong consideration for it to take place at! :aktion033:
I’ma keepin’ my fingers crossed!

Y’all can thank me later! Lol!:aetsch013:

My guess is Desoto or NSS.

The more I think about it, I agree with lurkin. It would be a little strange to lose a race at a historic track like Nashville and replace it with lake city. But NSS and desoto are historic in their own rights. Nothing against lake city, I went a few times in the mid 90s and had a blast.

Lake City speedway would be a risky choice for a large scale special race. The track is good and racy. The problems are limited seating and parking. Also the pits while partially paved are quite problematic if there is any significant rainfall. As for a weekly track I think you can draw a line from New Smyrna through Citrus Co. speedway in Florida and a line across Georgia and say no pavement racing between the lines. SGMP while a beautiful facility well equipped to handle a large scale special has gone downhill since it opened with a Hooters race. The exceptions to this are Pensacola and Mobile. Are there even 5 paved tracks running regularly in the state of Georgia. The fewer the tracks the greater the distance racers have to travel and for many it simply is not feasible. On a positive note I commend Mr. Hart in trying to keep his tracks going

It would be awesome to see the SSS expand into mainland FL. With the failure of FUPS, it would be great to welcome a solid touring series to some of our local tracks. It seems like a no brainer. SSS needs more venues and more competitors and Ricky Brooks is the logical link between the SSS and FL tracks. What a shot in the arm to add guys like David Rogers, Daniel Webster, Anthony Campi, etc. to the already strong roster of guys like Augie Grill and Bubba Pollard. BTW, some of these FL guys already travel to 5 Flags to compete in SSS events. PASS SLM Tours rule the Atlantic Coast and CRA and ARCA Tours rule the Midwest. Shouldn’t we have just as strong a Series for the Gulf Coast and FL? To tie in another thread, people think mid week shows should be considered. Well, I think one drawback is not enough “Star Power” to draw a big crowd. Now if you had a SSS show with a field also loaded with FL SLM stars combined with a good support race like a big money Sprint, OWM or even Sportsman race you could get huge fields and draw a huge crowd. Just my thoughts.

Rogers runs the 5 Flags SSS shows. I think he likes to prepare for the Snowball because he doesn’t go to Mobile usually, which seems funny since they’re already here and NSS wasn’t running supers. Anyways it looked like he was pushing Friday night. He always drives so smart and smooth.


The SSS could definitely use the addition of some Florida drivers- last night they only had 13 cars at Mobile, and 2 of those didn’t run on Friday at 5 Flags and both were over 2 seconds slower than the pole, so not really any factor during the race.

I was surprised to see that lower car count too especially since only the two Wauter’s cars fell out at 5 Flags and I’m sure the black one could’ve been repaired. Oh well, I guess everybody has their reasons.

I’d like to see Rick Williams team up with Tim Bryant and the SSS. Rick really put together some great awards and contingencies for FUPS competitors. With Tim promoting and Rick working on the contingency and points awards you could really have an attractive deal that would make it worthwhile for the SSS guys to want to travel to central FL and for the FL guys to want to make the trek to the panhandle, AL and GA. Big purses and big points rewards would go a long way in helping lure cars to travel.