Putting Butts in the seats at Citrus for this weekend!!!!

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]Putting Butts in the seats at Citrus for this weekend!!!

We went out yesterday. I started in the Brooksville and Inverness area, Got to meet a lot of nice people and gave them all tickets to the races for this weekend. Get ready you should be racing in front of a ton of folks. Many are old Fans, but many are coming to see “YOU” who put on the Show. I first stop started at Auto Nation Brooksville Ford, and worked my way up Hwy 41 stopping at Nick Nicholas Ford, Plaza Dodge, and Cox Chevy. They are the major dealerships in the area. We invited all their employees and their Families to the races. Also stop at Youth Services of Citrus and Hernando County’s, The Cottages in Woods (a mobile and trailer park with over 1000 unit in it), several small businesses given out tickets to those with interest (you would not believe how many haven’t been to the track in years)…They are all coming to see “YOU” and also coming to support the Track. All are very excited. So come out and show them that “YOU” are the BEST BANG for their BUCK!!! Don’t forget the Non Winged Sprints are their on August 1st then the FASTRUCK’s will be back in action August 8th.
Be sure and call for your slabs (they are going fast)…[/SIZE][/I][/B]

For future reference Bobby, a good idea would be to give out free drink coupons as well. It’s summer time in Florida, it’s hot in the grandstands.The track’s official soft drink supplier could furnish them.

Well done, I think any track hurting for fans needs to do this. If you have empty seats, give out free tickets. If your show is good, they will pay to come back.

It’s also very smart to give out tickets to the car dealerships because a) the employees, especially mechanics, should be into cars and b) dealerships have the bucks to sponsor races.

Same applies to anywhere you can find kids. Give them free tickets and if they like it they will bug mom and dad to bring them back.

Typical blue boy grandstanding…isn’t that the promoters normal JOB??? Spreading goodwill???

This message devalues a fan to just a BUTT IN THE SEAT…that promoter lingo, often used behind closed doors, doesn’t go far to cultivate an appreciative atmosphere…Humpy would’t say it this way. You certainly don’t hear that regarding fans of the NFL, NBA, NHL or NASCAR.

Come on out, all you butts!!!

Great job Bobby! That community needs a shot in the arm for sure. Reopening with a full grandstand will help for sure. It cracks me up. The trolls on here complain that there’s no promoting and when someone actually hits the pavement and does some promoting well they find something to complain about that too. It must suck to have such a negative view of life. I feel sorry for them.

What are you making up? Who complained about someone promoting? Exception, the blatant self promoting…

Agreed, Garrity!

Except for the winged demons part.

How about[SIZE=“5”] Groundpounding Sprint Cars? [/SIZE]:anim_pound:

Did Bobby sleep with Asspounder’s wife, or shoot his puppy or something? What’s with the axe to grind every time Bobby posts something. It’s comical at this point.

He can’t direct his anger at me anymore so he takes it out on others. Such a sad and lonley life this guy must live… I feel bad for any poor soul who has to spend time with him. :cool008:

Wow…you 2 guys are something…anger??? Especially from a guy who beats his chest saying that he could care less what others think? None from me but you go right ahead and think as your mind will allow.

The simple fact is if there is an opinion which you disagree with, your argument isn’t supported, so resort to personal attacks.

Impossible to have a discussion with a closed mind…

Carry on.

Mr. Blue keeps proclaiming his marketing savvy…you guys keep watching if his tired, worn out mantra will work. Oh, that’s right, he read a book!

The simple fact is if there is an opinion which you disagree with, your argument isn’t supported, so resort to personal attacks.

Impossible to have a discussion with a closed mind…

Carry on.

Mr. Blue keeps proclaiming his marketing savvy…you guys keep watching if his tired, worn out mantra will work. Oh, that’s right, he read a book![/QUOTE]

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Carry On! :ernaehrung004:

Here is the deal.

It is impossible to have a debate if the only object of the other party is to disagree, and be disagreeable.

Debate has some theoretical objective truth at it’s center, and typically give and take from both parties.

So, the logical course of action is to…not participate.

Although fruitless, I probably like to take a pot shot once in a while just for general amusement.

This has to be the only message board in the country where it’s posters seem genuinely surprised when there’s not total agreement. And even stranger, those same posters use a sportsman driver who rarely even races as their muse.
Bobby pretending to be the voice of oval racing in Florida is just as silly as Garrity pretending to be.
Groundpounder has every right to think what he wants about Bobby. And this being a message board, he has the right to post his thoughts on how Bobby or anyone else is screwing up. Same goes for me, and every other member of this board. And the opposite view is just as important. Every person’s view, no matter if that view is yours or not.
But there’s no one as irritating, and self promoting as Bobby. He’s helped ticket sales in some cases, and i’ve been the first to point that out. But he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And time will tell if he can make a difference or not. I’m hoping he can.


something is smelling fishy in here and it aint bobby (tuna?)

Although Tuner (northern pronunciation) was before my time, that’s what I hear tell.

He be legion. Of course, pick-your-number x zero, the answer is always the same.

But who cares, it is a great site, with great contributions and insights from racers, promoters, and the peanut gallery alike.

Of all the Butts here Tuna was one of the biggest.

Ohhhh Rimshot!

It’s your breath.

Thanks for those who support…

[B][I][SIZE=“4”]Thanks for those who support the way I try to promote. My Mom gave me a piece of advise “Never let someone or something keep you from doing what you love”. So with that said I will try to only focus on what I am doing and don’t really worry about the Negatives Nanny’s of the World.

It was cool while I was sitting in the Parts and Service Departments waiting to speak to their Managers (about a MAJOR Ticket Give-A-Way in the Dealerships Name)talking with and giving out Family Packs of FREE tickets to their customers (in the waiting area) and get them out to the Speedway. Also stopped by Winn Haven Riverside RV Park. There were three groups (Northerners that move to Florida) that haven’t been to the Speedway and loved getting tickets.

Maybe as a marketing person we should give the Race Teams that would help spread the wrote with given out tickets to folks they meet that haven’t been to the races to see them race. Yeah I know the Nanny’s will tear me a new BUTT hole for that kind of thinking (THAT’S the PROMOTERS JOB!!!). Oh well just a thought. Butt, THANKS for those who enjoy life for what it gives. Hope to see you at Citrus this weekend or at a Track in the near future…[/SIZE][/I][/B]

Speaking of…


Don’t forget the “Gentlemen’s Clubs”, those “Gentlemen” are frequently race fans–or so the big boys tell me. :dry:
And they need free race tickets, as they no longer have any money. Think of it as more appropriate redistribution of wealth.

The “ladies”, of course, typically work at night, so, no big demographic there.

Go ahead, have a beer while you are there, you are probably thirsty from all this promotin’…:ernaehrung004:

Matt I disagree with you, you are the most irritating. I am expecting some good stuff from you, don’t let me down.