Message board change of status

It appears now that this message board is dominated by events. I thought there was a separate section for that type of notice. Things sure have changed with the lack of inputs regarding racing issues.

Well what issues are on your mind?

raindrops keep falling on my car…

I believe that in itself was his issue. let’s run with it and by the end we will be complaining about tire prices and mandatory fuel purchases. :laugh:

There really hasn’t been a lot to talk about lately. Showtime has rained out for a couple weeks, NSS last week, Desoto and Auburndale closed.Makes it hard to generate discussion topics .

No it’s because I booted the guy who told me in an email that he has 15 other screen names on this board…


I certainly will not blame you if you choose not to for a number of reasons, but it sure would be amusing if you listed those names!

It’s pretty bad to have all of those screen names and then argue with yourself…lol

Now that’s some funny chit right there…:huepfen024: :aktion033:

-Ge Um-

Self stimulation?

Bipolar x 7

Maybe we could rotate who is the “argumentative guy” from week to week.

(some would probably say ah’m already that guy…)

I can tell you who some of them are, can’t I OS??

We could have a poll!

But, while I thought it might be amusing for Rick to list 'em, really, it’s neither here nor there.

Aw hell, I’m kinda in the background of late…don’t know who could have that many names…back in the day, I had fun using another name (or two), but don’t play that game any more… so I’m out on this conversation…OSF

Katlizy, is that you…?

Not hard to figure out who they are Rick. They pretty much all coordinate posts to push agendas and what not. Too much politics, too many people pushing their own agendas and then resorting to stirring it up when things don’t go their way. Pretty juvenile stuff.

I can’t for some reason pull up Matt Albee’s public profile.

Was he one of the 15 ? LOL !

Weird, can’t pull up Phil Jacques either.

Rick, he only told you about 15! :dry: