New Smyrna Speedway 8/22 - Good Weather and Race Updates

Weather is great at New Smyrna Speedway - Sunny and very HOT - Ready to go with 50 lap races for both the Super Stocks and Modifieds… already a good field of cars in the pits as of 4 pm… I have internet access in the tower again, so will post updates through the night…

Weather still looking great! Big cloud to the west has cooled things off a bit… Qualifying will be starting shortly…


  1. Jerry Symons #66 - 18.535
  2. Alan Bruns #4B - 18.745
  3. Wayne Parker #1 - 18.782
  4. Tank Tucker #15 - 18.785
  5. Shain Held #55 - 18.810
  6. Robert Deal #15D - 18.983
  7. Matt Wheeler #96 - 19.186
  8. Greg Krom #45 - 19.368
  9. Bob Glover #38 - 19.784
  10. Junior Beckner #11 - No Time


  1. Butch Herdegen #43 - 21.073
  2. Preston Hunt #6 - 21.080
  3. Shannon Kelly #23 - 21.223
  4. Justin Reynolds #20 - 21.294
  5. Zachary Curtis #77 - 21.480
  6. Matt Reynolds #20X - 21.541
  7. Jeff Cuddy #XL - 21.544
  8. Jarrett Korpi #61 - 21.614
  9. George Spears #18 - 21.641
  10. Eric Kottwitz #22 - 21.742


  1. Jerry Symons #66
  2. Tank Tucker #15
  3. Wayne Parker #1W
  4. Alan Bruns #4B
  5. Matt Wheeler #96
  6. Greg Krom #45
  7. Junior Beckner #111
  8. Bob Glover #38
  9. Mike Dahm #21
  10. Robert Deal #15D DNF
  11. Shain Held #55 DNF
  12. George Dahm #90 (DNS)

Thank you for the updates, Dave.


Top 10 - 20 cars started…

  1. Justin Reynolds #20
  2. Preston Hunt #6
  3. Butch Herdegen #43
  4. George Spears #18
  5. Zachary Curtis #77
  6. Shannon Kelly #23
  7. Bobby Holley #56
  8. Jarrett Korpi #61
  9. Dale Howard #63
  10. Ernie Tuminello #6T

This is pre-tech - also looks like the winner has been protested… Full results in the story Tuesday or check

BOMBERS (20 Laps)

  1. Greg Bruce, Jr. #8
  2. Aaron Overman #03
  3. Charlie King, Jr. #37
  4. James Skinner #58

well I hear that the 6 car of hunt was dq for illegal transmission and I guess people get suspicious when you see Reynolds racing on the swap meet trying to sale a 602 crate motor that has been taken apart and balanced with new rods etc. I am sorry but if you have a crate motor with no seals you should be DQED period !!! none of these motors should be allowed to be rebuilt. must feel good to win by cheating.

Not cheating

Well my motor was sealed from gm still been checked several times and always passed. 6 protested my motor so NSS made me take it out and take apart but they didn’t have all the right tools to check everything so Tuesday we will finish it up. I had bought a used motor from a guy that ended up having a spun bearing which I didn’t know. I bought everything from gm to make sure it was still gm legal so that way I didn’t have to throw away a motor for such a little thing. It feels good to be legal every week unlike other people. So before you say I’m cheating get your facts straight buddy.

Time to put up some bounty money on Justin! The guy is hard to beat!

your a good driver Justin and I didn’t say you where cheating but I know the 77 was busted a few weeks back that’s a fact that’s one of your cars right? in tech for something cultch or something you all have been racing long enough to know the rules .and also thanks for the show the last ten laps I know you where playing with the 6 you could have left him behind at any time .


Thanks for saying I’m a good driver wish people would realize that and quit Bitchin all the time that I’m cheating. I’m sure Jeff and Ricky brooks would have found something if I was when they have teched my car over 30 times in the last few yrs. the 77 wasn’t busted we just decided to not tear down for $80. We proved it was right this weekend. Just sucks cuz now I have to put my motor back together now but it will shut up all the cry babies. Preston did a good job the best race this yr between me and him. We will show SADE I’m 100% legal Tuesday.

well I think if you have a sealed motor and they tear you down and you pass tech they should have to buy you a new motor . I am surprised you have not move back to the sportsman class I have watch you race for years always fast .we need some more faster guys to take on Patrick .

Me too

I think if my motor has passed tech on everything I shouldn’t had to have to tear all the way down to bare block and everything weighted if the numbers are right and you can tell it’s never been lightened at all but somebody is being a jerk and just wants my stuff all tore apart cuz they don’t like me. I wish I had a sportsman doesn’t seem like a cry baby fest in that class and there are a lot of guys I liked racing with.


I am curious how to determine a legal crate. I sure would like someone like Ricky Brooks to go to a few other tracks…

I don’t know how it works in the asphalt world, but in the Nesmith dirt late model world (big in NW FL and Alabama and Mississippi), you gotta truck your blown engine over to central GA to get it rebuilt. Kinda off thread, but I was wondering why Nesmith doesn’t get into the crate asphalt late model world?

well if the the motor is sealed there should only be a few thing they could check . but when you let guys change oil pans valve springs etc . then you have defeated the purpose of a crate motor class and . the purpose of the class was to make it affordable and everybody be on the same page and have more competitive racing. and it has if you want to see some good racing come to New Smyrna speedway this Saturday for the sportsman 50. the last regular racing they had 29 cars they should have over 30 I would think this week . but I don’t think anybody is going to beat Patrick . 28 cars tried last race .

I was there for the whole tare down for super stocks this passed Saturday i also race in this class. Justin has been fast in whatever car or class he runs in and his car handles awesome , you just gotta keep working on your stuff to find little stuff to make your car fast. Congrats on yet another win, like the new motto hatersgonnahate

I’ve never in my life heard the winning car protesting the second place car I believe that’s how it all went down sounds pretty spiteful to me


And I never seen some people be such cry babies also. SADE has threatened me about protesting my car every week and when I know I’m legal I’m gonna prove it like I have every year. Maybe people shouldn’t try to cheat to win and threaten other people of cheating then I wouldn’t have protested their transmission but it doesn’t matter they were wrong plain as day and I knew it. There isn’t a rule that says I can’t protest somebody so based off what I was told they were gonna do to me i gave it back to them. Idc they protested my motor cuz it’s gonna show them and everybody that has doubted my motor was illegal will see. There is a lot more that has happened that most people don’t know and I’m not getting into it with anybody that’s between me and them.

sounds like a sore winner to me if I was a second place car and was protested I’d be sure to tear you down too just saying…was one of the best races all year in the super stock class