Super Modifieds 4-9 At Desoto

Florida Super Modifieds for 50 laps,
DARTS Spring Fling 50 for the Desoto Auburndale Race Truck Series Race#2
Sportsman, Pure Stock and Mini Stock
you can contact the speedway for pit slabs or any other information

Florida State Bomber Championship has been rescheduled for May 28th and will be a 100 lap event with a halfway break for refueling and some air pressure adjustments if necessary. Also on the card will be the Enduro, School Bus Figure 8 and several novelty races. Wait till you see the trophy for this event?.

The ADMO Auburndale Desoto Modified Open race has been moved to May 7th in Conjunction with another one already scheduled. So it will be the Mother?s Day Night at the races DOUBLE TROUBLE special, Double 50 Lap races, Double points for each and Double Winners. We will offer a bonus if the same driver wins both from the rear of the field in both races. The night will not be complete without the Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Outlaw Modifieds and Mini Stocks. Gates open at 4:30, Racing starts at 7

Don?t forget Friday April 22nd is the Food Truck Challenge and Super Late Model Practice @ 5pm - Come have dinner with us… $5 gets you in for Food, Beer, Live Music and Race Cars practicing all evening long.
April 23rd the SUNOCO Challenge Super Series makes a stop for race #3 of the series.

Credit to Desoto for this idea.

Assuming no weekly monsoon I will probably be at another venue pitside assisting a non-mod Team, but I sincerely hope this works.

This could be a “special” show most anywhere.

Why? Because it’s…special!

What…? Super Modifieds are back in Florida…?? How was this secret kept quiet…?!

If they’re NOT these cars, then, PLEASE don’t call 'em “supermodifieds”…

I guess I will reluctantly agree–and hope true supermodifieds come to Desoto next speedweeks.

They also refer to them as “Bad Ass Modifieds”–it works for me.

ps–Should we take a poll regarding how many sheets of Lexan Mr. Anderson has ordered up?

Using the title “Supermodified” is very misleading.
I wonder how many people will believe they are going to see the real thing, only to find out they are Florida Modifieds with lexan sideboards.
It’s like going out to a Crab dinner, and then finding out you’re getting a Krab dinner.

[QUOTE=Frasson118;168956]Using the title “Supermodified” is very misleading.
I wonder how many people will believe they are going to see the real thing, only to find out they are Florida Modifieds with lexan sideboards.
It’s like going out to a Crab dinner, and then finding out you’re getting a Krab dinner.[/QUOTE]“Outlaw” Figure 8 cars running on the oval…

Or, a Charlie Swartz mid-engine machine?:

Or, how 'bout a four-wheel-drive, rear-engine SUPERMODIFIED?:

Any idea of car count for the Desoto BadAMod event coming up 4/09?

I sure

hope they have a good turn out. A couple things that i wish they would have done differently to promote this into a bigger event. I dont know how long they have had this posted on spacebook but surely not long enuff on this site for a guy to really make some modifications. They scheduled on top of a track that will most likely get a good draw of cars. I applaud the outside of the box thinking with this type of race but they will learn not to schedule on top of yoho. I truly hope both tracks have full fields.


I thought they spelled it out pretty clear in their ad.

Florida Super Modifieds (they even separated the words for us)
IMCA type modified (not IMSA…or MSA…or SMRA…or even NESMRA…)
10" tires (not +15")
57% left side (not 70%)
7 lbs per cubie (not 1850 lbs total)

I think most people might know that they aren’t going to see some Oswego Supers travel all the way to Desoto just to go 50 laps for $2k to win.
(Perhaps those Ohio guys would…but not the New Yorkers. lol)

I guess I just really want to believe that most people could figure that out…
…even if Jerry and Jimmy can’t. :smiley:

(Don’t worry folks, they know I’m just funnin’ with them.)


So, who knows how the BadA Modified deal turned out?

Look like from what I found in results only three showed up.

TWO cars…

Shouldn’t have tried to schedule on top of Showtime. They had 14 modifieds show up.

They tried this along time ago with mods it does not work geeeess and still didn’t I hope this is the end of it now .

super mods

I must say, when I first saw this ad I was a little skeptical about how this would pan out. Car count is down all over the state. So why are guys going to put wings on there cars to come race for 2 grand, when they wont come race for 2 grand without wings.

Monday morning quarterback call: put the 2 grand in the truck purse, and raise the back of the pack pay. So maybe you can draw that many truck again. 50 bucks to start a truck race is on the very low side.

Vince P. “your single file re-start, and anti cone rule guy”

They had 3 cars, Moff put a huge lexan wall on the left side and ran low 14s. Batman #0 had a sprint wing and lexan boards on the rear both sides, another OWM was there with no modifications other than 10in tires. I think Moff ran away with it but I didn’t see the race. But man was he fast.

I enjoyed it a lot, anybody who’s knows me knows I think outside the box and love stuff like this, I wish the other tracks would try it some time. Moff had the Side dam and I tried the wing theory, we both had pushing problems. Moff had already ran a few practice sessions before I got there. I got 2 practices and we learned every time we went out more. They gave us a 15 lap feature and I could run the same as Moff for the first few handful of laps then the push got worse. We defenitly got it faster but it was still a experiment on both sides. I would do it again in a heartbeat. As far as the 10inch tire on are wheel, I always have and still vote for it on are cars. I might have at the most 40 laps on the tires and they still have the lines in the middle, besides the car was way more in control. I’m sure the wing had a lot to do with it lol. All in all in was a blast, the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Don’t complain, gripe, whine, cry, or give a opinion about Desoto for trying it if you didn’t even go and watch. The rest of the classes had great racing. Thanks Desoto and hope you do it again. BATMAN 0

If the class and/or special events become popular and frequent, do you think a wider wheel would be better?