WAUC Racing Country Roundup goes Old School this week.

Sorry for the late notice everyone but I have been busy working on this sgow and got a late start getting the word out.

This week in honor and preview of the Randy Fox 104 Memoril tomorrow night at 4-17 Southern Speedway, we will dedicate most of the Sgow to Randy fox and memories of him.

Hope you can Listen

Do not forget to tune in tomorrow morning. Submit questions if you have any.

OK everyone here is the information I have been waiting to share with everyone about this weeks WAUC Racing Country live at 10 a.m. Saturday morning on WAUC AM1310.

We have a jammed pack show for you this week that I am proud to announce for this one week only, will be One and a half hours long. I want to thank everyone at the station for allowing me the extra time to put on this show.

I am proud to announce that this weeks show along with all of our news, Results and upcoming races, that we will dedicate most of the interviews and the show to Randy Fox, as I thought what other weekend than the weekend of the Randy Fox Memorial, would be a better time to honor him and spend time talking so some old school racers about him and what it was like to race back in the days of past. All of you that knew Randy knew he liked to joke and have some fun at the track and that is what we are going to do on this show as we remember him.
The Randy Fox Memorial will be ran this Saturday night at 4-17 Southern Speedway, in Punta Gorda, FL

The guest line up for this week will be as follows

Scotty Kay---- Dirt racer from Hendry County
Rusty Hillman — Friend and Fellow racer with Randy
Ken Kinney ---- Promoter of Hendry County with Randy Story
Richie Anderson — Friend and Fellow racer with Randy
Danny Caylor – Friend and fellow racer with Randy
George Melissa Gorham Jr. – To talk about last weeks win and Saturday’s race.
And last but not least the One and Only “Hollywood” Michael Franklin — Friend and fellow racer with Randy.

We will also be Facebook live so if you have any questions for any of our guest or any funny stories you want to tell comment or our live feed Saturday or post them below.

You can listen live on WAUC 1310 am or Stream from there web site or down load the tunein or simple radio app.

Thank You all and hope you can listen and help me make this a great show to honor a guy who was a great friend to all of us.

Link to last weeks show hope you enjoy. Working on this weeks line up now.