?? about the Bristol Nationals

Were the grandstands open for this event? It looked completely empty. Maybe it was like SCCA where everyone interested is in the pits and the stands stay closed.

Does anyone know for certain?

I will be shocked if there is a year 3…they need to put up more money for the faster divisions.

Also, though, that place holds 100k, even if they had a 30k attendance it would look very sparse.

I didn’t attend but have seen several videos posted on Facebook.The crowd looked pathetic.The fans evidently were all placed in the frontstretch stands and I realize Bristol holds around 160,000 but it honestly looked like if ten thousand were there they were lucky.And how many of those were there with race teams?Lessard in one of Kyle Bush motorsports cars won it I guess and Floridas Anthony Cataldi coming home. 8th.

Bristol Motor Speedway is the fourth largest sports venue in America and the eighth largest in the world, housing up to 162,000 people.

The number of cars in the LM and Modified classes were way down this year too… Too much expense for too little in return…

on the flipside

The Vores Compact Series had around 70 cars and the street stocks had 60 plus in attendance.Makes you scratch your head and go hmmm.