Cancellations Begin

Auburndale per their facebook has cancelled for this Saturday…

Bronson also and Showtime too.

B Hello, this is (pick one) Speedway, how may I help you?[/B]

Yeah, um, y’all racin’ this weekend?

[QUOTE=OldSchool+;176854]B Hello, this is (pick one) Speedway, how may I help you?[/B]

Yeah, um, y’all racin’ this weekend?[/QUOTE]
why sure sir (or Madame) and even if we don’t you don’t mind being a little early for next weekend do you? You will have an excellent parking place (if it isn’t completely underwater by then)

04–You are close. Let me give that one a try:

Sure, not a cloud in the sky, drive on over. Worst case scenario you can bring your (soggy/tiny/paper) ticket back next week (if you can find it) and get in “free”.

lol too true

with the exception of twice on season ending events I have been told to bring them back for the first event of the following season several months later.(Once which resulted in my being in the hospital on the reschedule date and two people that rode with me and myself missed out on).

You can now add 4-17 to the growing list of washouts.

04-- Am truly sorry that you had a situation that resulted in a trip to the hospital. But it brought up a story that is vaguely similar:

My buddy tells the (fictitious) tale as follows–"I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my Uncle Ned, not like the two screaming people that were riding with him."

Ba-boomph tissshh

yep kicking and screaming no doubt lol.Kind of like the drivers ed instructor asking a student " you are driving down the road at 65 mph when you come up on the crest of a hill and see nothing but stopped traffic twenty feet in front of you.What do you do?" To which the student answered “wake my buddy LeeRoy up beside me because he ain’t NEVER seen a wreck like this one!!”

Add another as Citrus County Speedway has joined the not going to race this weekend list.

My hobby of going to auto races isn’t doing as well as my second hobby ie. watching the grass grow - now that hobby is kicking ass. OSF

East Bay has joined the list of cancellations for Saturday May 26th.


If you can figure out a way to turn the spicket off I will be more than happy to help you look for a new second hobby lol

Thank you sir…OSF

And to think…this isn’t even the ( ) Season… you fill in the blank. OSF

North Florida Speedway has joined the growing list of cancellations for Saturday May 26th.

Add Bubba Raceway Park to the drowned out ledger.

Up to this point

9:11 pm friday New Smyrna is still on for Saturday night and Hendry County’s scheduled sunday show is still a go.

04 indicates Bronson has cxld, but Bronson’s facebook page indicates that they are “always open”(lol).

Any Rain Yet?

It’s 3:30. South of NSS. No rain yet (2 days, maybe more).

Y’all got rain?

[SIZE=“5”]Update @ 5:30–NSS is still a go! Modifieds and Superlates[/SIZE].

it’s 5:45 pm here in Pasco County and not raining at the moment.We have had a couple passing showers today but no downpours.Don’t know what it’s like over on the east side of the state but the radar doesn’t look so great.But as far as New Smyrna goes I would say it’s a definite maybe.