Ross Chastain

Ross Chastain wins in Vegas in the 42 car. Way to go buddy!

Like I said in a previous thread . If you put him in good equipment he is a great driver. He dominated both races in the 42 car. Way to go Ross!


it is amazing to see Ross from 1/3 mile Charlotte County speedway running 75-80 mph to excel to 188-190 mph with such control . future ahead . good luck.

Nice to finally see him get the chance he deserved and capitalize. Really wish he could get in that car more the rest of the year. I think he would have a legit chance to win the title.


Having an actual racecar and an honest to god pit crew makes a difference.Whouda thunk it?The real story is this,the biggest unknown factor on Ross Chastain was the fact for the last 3 plus seasons in the #4 car he could come in the pits running tenth and leave running twentieth.So you wonder is it the crew or him? I think his two races with Ganassi have answered that question.It wasn’t him or anything he was doing.It was the whole team at JDM is lacking.I hope other young guys coming up will take note of his path.If you don’t have a solid ride underneath you then take any seat time available.Ross has done that by returning to the truck series for several starts over the last two seasons.And the more starts the more eyes that get to see you and in racing that is huge.Even if it means running some K&N series races do it if you get the opportunity.In racing there is no such thing as a backwards step only a disappearing one.