Where did everyone go Racing last weekend??

I will try and get results for last weekend tomorrow but where did everyone go this weekend and how was your racing experience. Also what else could I post or share on this page you would like to see for racing news or for fun.

naked women? LOL I would like to see some old racing photos form the 60s and 70s and some history with the photos

I was at Daytona for the HSR races. Many truly historic race cars there, along with some star drivers from the past.

We had a great time at 4-17 Speedway. My son damn near won his first TQ feature. He ran outside the leader trying to pass from laps 20-23, but ended up second.

It was odd, there were only 5 cars, but 4 of them were very competitive: passing, re-passing, spinning, etc… Good racing!

Very cool Boneman.What’s the chances of the next time your son runs the tq’s that you will line up with him? As far as what I would like to see on this site ( to answer your question SSR) is some pics of old signage and memorabilia from now gone tracks here in Florida.Ive been on the Florida Racing history site and got to see a lot of the old cars and drivers.But not to much of the old signage and such.Every track had the big main front sign but yet I’ve seen so few pictures of them.Pit passes,shirts,anything really from tracks that aren’t around anymore would be interesting.

Oh man, I would love to race a midget with my kid. The problem is he would probably smoke on by and leave me. You know the old saying “talent skips a generation”?

We do race karts in the same class, and I can tell you that last time out he drove off by more than half a lap. It was funny because in the heat race, we ran side by side for most of it, BUT we found he had a mechanical problem, so when that was fixed he was gone.

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Really cool you get to race with your son, Rex.