A cool vintage car

Check out this 1961 Buick that competed last night. Ok, it is in the eye of the beholder, but I loved this car. The only problem is that it has a Chevy crate engine instead of the original Buick.

14 Buick.JPG

14 Buick 2.JPG

that car looks good even if it had a moped motor in it.

Was for sale last year for a very reasonable sum ! It was from NC then, does it sleep in Fl now.

Actually it is near Myrtle Beach, SC.

Cool car, no doubt.

Back in the day of even more hazy memory, I recollect that I watched Jr Johnson run a full sized chevy on a dirt track somewhere in or near Virgina. It was a '61 or '63. Possibly a NASCAR “sportsman” race.

I think Randy Sweet won it in a '55 Chevy. Or maybe it was Randy Tissot (lol).

PS–From certain angles, that Buick looks like a big-aced Falcon!