Hey Ann Young

word to the wise; minimal effort yields minimal results! :dry:

That woman has NO business running or owning a race track…

The last I heard, she lives in NY and commutes back to FL to run the track; is this still accurate? What is going on at Bronson? They have been pretty weak for years; is the show improving? Any changes ahead?

Some things are hard to figger, for sure.

But hey, consider that she is doing more for the sport and racers than the owners of Desoto or Bithlo.

Taking a chapter from George Orwell-- remember that at Bronson, all tires are equal, but some are more equal than others! :confused:

Everytime I talk to someone at a race track and I mention casually Bronson Speedway the first thing out of the other person’s mouth is where is that at? They have never heard of it.Desoto,yes Orlando usually,Bronson no clue.And these are often times people who have lived in Florida much longer than I have yet they didn’t even know the place exists.And from what I know about the place it has operated since the 1970s or early 1980s.I think the whole build it and they will come idea goes out the window there.Crying shame really but minimal efforts is pretty much abundant in blacktop racing nowadays and it shows in a lot of different ways.It is a decent little facility there and as long as the gates are open it still has a future.I know of blacktop tracks in at least two different states that are closed currently and the future looks dark for.

yes, it’s me…she does commute, but now has a condo in Daytona, her true destination. racing at Bronson is sporadic, sometimes every other week.:huepfen024:last time I was there, a year and a half ago, for a shakedown of my sold OWM. payout changes were made at the drivers meeting causing some teams to pack up and leave.:frowning:

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