The racing was good at Citrus County Saturday night

And the fields were at the same levels as before the shut downs.Wayne Anderson prevailed in the 50 lap feature.Twenty three cars qualified.Twenty two started.Cody Stickler was fast in one of Daniel Keene’s cars.Anthony Cataldi gave Anderson all he wanted complete with some last lap paint swapping thru turn two and an exchange of words on the cool down lap and bent feelings showing up in post race interviews.Jessie Dutilly who was lurking behind nipped Cataldi at the stripe to grab second.The crowd in the stands was good which prompted a question from me did they turn anyone away since they were capping general admission at 900 people.I was told no.Which was a good thing.But understanding I could potentially get turned away I got there early and was inside by 5:20pm.Great for me.I would usually go in around start time to stay out of the west sun.And that will be the issue for me continuing to go to Citrus the rest of the season.I felt like I was a couple minutes away from heat stroke.It was just too long in the west facing stands.I love the place but I don’t want to die in the stands.My friend I met brought the subject up to me while I sat there wilting.We’re both getting in our upper years and taking meds that say avoid sunlight.Hell I was so overjoyed to go I never stopped to consider if my body could handle all that time in the sun.Especially after not doing it for a while.I guess I found out Saturday.Glad to see them racing again.Maybe I get around to some new places where the sun isn’t quite the issue.But damn I’ll miss that place.

I hear ya. Sorry you had to go through that, but glad you got to see some good races.

If one has the jack the to pay the price of admission to the pits–and east facing grandstands–it is well worth it @ Citrus in the summer.

I will wager after you felt bad another twenty or so would have sounded good to get rid of that feeling.

Additionally, if you have to travel further to another track, there is the additional expense there that is another offset.

For the past two seasons they would allow seniors to get in the pits (out of the sun) for 15.00. That was more than the front gate but less than the the pit charge. The track would make money on that deal, and it was good for everyone… They didn’t advertise it, but it was something I had arranged with the owner and he gladly approved it.
Fast forward to this year and someone else got involved and changed everything, including senior / hc tickets at the front gate.
Haven’t been back this year - not sitting in the glaring hot sun - not going to get carried out on a stretcher - not paying 30.00 to sit in the shade.
If the track can’t work with us - I for one won’t work with them…OSF