How many “R’s” in Auburndale?

Have you noticed that almost everyone mis-pronounces Auburndale? They add an extra ?R? and say ARBurndale. Now my wife, a former yankee who naturally mid-pronounces things, is saying it that way too!

No worries! My son and I are on the way to ARBurndale tonight for the twin sportsman features, Legends and other classes. We can?t wait to be back at a track!

I’m pretty sure As long as there isn’t any R as in rain she will be all right either way.And what ya mean us Yankees naturally mispronounce things?We learned how to say Flowda right​:smiley::grin:

Bones, I think you got the extra “r” right but are putting it in the wrong place.

I believe it is “Auburndale-r”.

Like the Kennedys and “Cuber”. For that matter, 04, ain’t it Florid-r?

Used to put up with a Staten Islander. “Law and Order” became “Lawr and Ordah”.

At any rate, enjoy a “be-ah” whilst you are there.

It?s not just Yankees, most of the FL people saw it wrong too.

Don?t even get me started on ?De Sota?.

A quick way to remember --Just sigh and say “Awwwwwwburndale”.

Actually, I love the joint and wish I were going.

Actually I’m probably not the best one to ask O.S. people still say us Buckeyes call Ohio Ahia.So there’s that…:grin: