NASCAR,Your woke is showing.

Jennifer Jo Cobb was slated to make a Cup Series start for Rick Ware Racing at Talladega this weekend.But Nascar stepped in denying her the license to compete in the Cup Series allegedly over paperwork not being turned in by a set deadline.The different versions of the story I have read go along the lines of Cobb’s never having competed in Cup and her last (and very limited) Xfinity start being more than two years ago.One possibly also over concerns about an accident she was involved in recently in a (truck series?) event and lack of ability to be competitive speed wise in the truck series also.Seemingly NASCAR had concerns with how quick she would lose the draft at Talladega and become a rolling roadblock.Crisis averted.But wait, that might leave NASCAR light on the diversity scale this weekend.So fear not the first Arab woman, Toni Breidinger will slide nicely into the Xfinity race on Saturday with a cosmetics sponsor and a long list of racing wins.Probably all on Mario Kart but don’t worry the wrecks in Xfinity don’t hurt nearly as bad as the ones in the Cup Series.And in the end Luigi comes out and gives you a big hug.Watch out Bubba the announcers may not have any time left to talk about you on Sunday now.

speaking of “woke”

So…if your conclusions about JennieJoCobb are correct, it would be appropriate for NASCAR to have reservations about her driving in Cup. Janet Guthrie was indeed a rolling chicane and in between asserted that “the men would not let her win”. It was great.

So credit there–in spite of possible political repercussions.

And Toni Breidinger? If the same criteria (ie–the ability to go fast, safely) are applied–and met–why not?

On the other hand, she apparently tried out for the “W” series in 2019, an all women series.

Which brings up the question that no one wants to ask, much less have answered–How long until trans"women" dominate the female racing series?

And, of course, will they be selling hot dogs at such events?

I know nothing about an all female series

And in this age of diversity and inclusion it sounds kinda discriminatory.Regardless WHEN the trans (not if now)wave starts hitting the racing scene I guarantee one headline you’ll never read is this; TRANS FAVORITE DROPS OUT FROM BLOWN TRANS.


This is nothing to joke about.

Some people take these things very seriously. Like female boxers with broken facial bones.

They done woke up for sure. Eventually.

Well Bruce Jenner did drive race cars for awhile…he could go start running in the TRANS-I-AM series…