Kristin Clements is making a name for herself in Super Late Models

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Kristin Clements is making a name for herself


At 21 years old Kristin Clements is making a name for herself venturing out from her home track, Auburndale Speedway in her Super late model. After a strong 3rd place run at Citrus County Speedway, let’s take a look back and where she has been! Kristin started racing at age 5 In go karts and continued until age 9 winning multiple championships. She was quite the firecracker and learned early on what was needed to come home with the trophy. At age 9 she began racing at Auburndale Speedway in the kids club division, learning with a co driver about passing, working on cars and how to race. She spent majority of days after school in the shop, learning how to do everything on the cars. After moving up into mini stocks, she won the championship in those as well at age 13. Proceeding to Mod Minis, 2nd in championship to veteran drivers, everyone knew she was ready for whatever challenges thrown her way. At age 12, Kristin was diagnosed with SCFE due to thyroid issues. This would become just another challenge she has learned to overcome. Small but mighty, she has had 3 surgeries on bilateral hips to address the condition. Only sidelining her short term, did we mention she is tough. The last surgery was over the summer of 2021, scheduled so she didn’t have to miss many races and stubbornly was at the track same night. That success and determination has proved to be exactly what she needed to move up in the ranks of the short track world here in Florida. She moved up into pro truck division around age 15 and still enjoys racing in that division. In May of 2021 her dad invested in a pro late model for her to practice. After many practice nights, she made her debut at Auburndale Speedway with the super late model drivers. After a year she has now started to travel to Citrus County speedway, coming home with a top 3 last weekend against a strong field. This is her first top 3 in the Latemodel division after 2 strong runs of 4th and 6th in twin 50s at Auburndale last month. In speaking with her post race, car was really solid, led some laps and learned a lot passing on the high side. She thanks everyone who supported her at Citrus, Scott, Rick, Cody, Mike, Chris and Kim, and all the race fans who she got a chance to meet. Although she has a huge fanbase at Auburndale, drivers and fans at other tracks are now recognizing the talent and determination she has every time she shows up at the track. Small but mighty, this young lady is always one to watch whether in the pro truck or late model. She graduated from Kathleen High School as part of the Central Florida Aerospace Academy and is now in college at Florida Southern for a degree in psychology. All while working full time and racing. She has a great group of people behind her, starting with her Dad Scott, early on he recognized her racing dreams and even was her co-rider, holding on to the grip bar while she made moves none of us expected from a 9 year old. Mom Jennifer, always supportive at the track and enjoys watching her, Chris and Kim Narramore, two of the best people around to call race family, they have inherited the Clements family and have continuously supported Kristins dream of racing. Whether sponsoring, motor work from Narramore Machine Shop, crew chief, spotter duties, they have done it all. Now recently adding Rick Knecht to the team, he works hard to help make sure the cars are what exactly where they need to be. Currently sharing her knowledge with Teammates Robert and Abigail Jonas. All while Jon Guy sharing his knowledge with all the young ones. She has some amazing long time sponsors, Narramore Machine Shop, All Star Mobile Series, Speedway Auto Sales, Broke and Poor Building Supplies and Materials, Auto Tech Collision Center and Phantom Graphics. This group of sponsors allow her to live out her dream of short track racing. Looking forward to a great finish to her 2022 season this year and seeing lots more front stretch podium finishes in both the truck and the late model.