Osw Pay Out

Just Seen Osw Pay Out For This Year Posted On There Website
Sportsman,owm,and Pro Truck

Are they just paying the top 10? Just curious.

If they can get 10 for there first race.
It would be great. Hope one of the 10 is yours.
In todays world 10 cars in each class would be a full field.
5 car heat in 4 classes with 5 features might make a show.
Butch has been at Orlando working or racing for almost 30 years. give him a chance and he might get it done.
good luck Butch hope to see ya…


Don butch has been there 30 years during the time the track has been failing whats that saying?

Ha, this shorttrackcar1 guy is hilarious.

…and another stupid post by Shittrack 1. Go away dude.

Short track what would it take for you not to bash OSW? For some one to post hear say as much as you do you are awful critical about OSW. Why do you care anyway you said you wont go there, do us all a BIG favor and drop it.

Hows that bashing osw I asked a question. hey plambayer how many times have I ever called you a name on here never you show your ignorance on here is all you do with your mouth you guys hate when people get on and tell it like it is.

The problem is that you don’t tell it like it is. No matter what is presented, you choose to throw stones at it.

I have no problem with constructive criticism, and have offered up quite a bit of it over the years, however I tried to also offer up something helpful to address whatever was bugging me. Anyone can be a critic, solutions are much more important.

Above all, I was there to support the place, weather or not we agreed or disagreed, I’d either with my car there, or at least kick in some pit pass money. Since your identity is unknown, I suspect your history of support is pretty brief, at best.

Orlando has had some great years in the past.
It has had some of the largest car counts and the biggest fan count other than USA Speedway .
Im sure no one will rember those days bot Butch was there and helped do it.
the track is the most fun place you can race in florida and I hope it comes back to its full potincial.
Orlando is the largest market in centerial and north florida.
I has hade a bad rap for the last few years but can be saved .
What a great place to race.
Bash all u want wont change that it the place to race in florida.

ok u turn da

If ownership won’t spend money on facility improvements, advertising etc it doesn’t matter if Humpy Freekin’ Wheeler is the GM, the place will go down hill.

Osw Pay

According To Butch Carr When I Called He Said The Entire Feild Would Be Paid

2014 Payouts
Pit admission for regular Friday night racing is $30
Payouts are from 1-10 only and 5 or or more cars are needed in any given class for full payout. If less then 5 cars payout amount will be 50% of what is advertised.
Sportsman OWM Pro Trucks Super Stocks
1.$450 1.$450 1.$450 1.$300
2.$300 2.$300 2.$300 2. 200
3.$200 3.$200 3.$200 3.$100
4.$150 4.$150 4.$150 4.$90
5.$100 5.$100 5.$100 5.$80
6.$75 6.$75 6.$75 6.$70
7.$60 7.$60 7.$60 7.$60
8.$50 8.$50 8.$50 8.$50
9.$50 9.$50 9.$50 9.$50
10.$50 10.$50 10.$50 10.$50

Just as long as Butch Carr doesn’t work the entrance/exit to go on the track and wave another car onto the track while a car just exited turn 2 at full throttle.

so the poor Strictly stock drivers pay 30.00 to get inn plus their crew and most of the time have more then 5 cars sometimes 10 + and they dont get a cent? ok plambayer, tccaz boneman tell me you agree with osw on this. Plambayer how many of those cars you think will come from melborune dirt track to pay 30.00 and run for free? ok fire away

If you want to race for money then race in a another class. These cars require the least amount of money to race AND like all the other classes should be raced for fun as it is a hobby and for the most part very few people pay to watch these cars. The race track has expenses for every class that runs ie. insurance, ambulance, wrecker service, lights etc. etc. so they have to charge to race no matter what class you run. My problem with you is not your opinions on things it is (as Boneman stated) you have to throw stones every time you post about OSW. If you dislike Ozzy or the track so much don’t go there but get over post after post is very old be that man you say Ozzy should be and let dead dogs lie.

Tccaz what do you race? and how many cars have you built? yea go tell the some of the strictly stock guys how cheap it is to build and run a safe car.

I did not say it was cheap what I said is this was the least expensive class to run as usual you twist words so they will suit your purpose. I do not race anymore but I have raced a 10 second camaro in the past, yes it was a drag car so I don’t need your sermon on how they don’t need to be fixed every week. I raced as a hobby just like a fisherman and his boat, someone with an airboat, the guy with his 4 wheeler or 4 wheel drive truck. or anyone who has a hobby they don’t expect to be paid just because they show up they do it for the fun. If you race or build a car expecting to get paid you have made a HUGE MISTAKE I’m done with this discussion you will NEVER GET IT.

I will never get it really! ! so your ansewer is you have not ever raced a circle track car or ever built a car circle track car and your done with this discussion well you should be. airboat, 4 wheeler, 4 wheel drive truck? at least the fisherman has a chance to catch a fish .

You should all shut up. You are bitching before anything has even started.